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Wizards & Cyborgs Unite To Accept A Giant Bomb Award

Ben Coello (Wizard) and Rich Gallup (Cyborg) have provided us with their acceptance speech for our 2008 Game of the Year award. Let's watch!

Sharp-minded readers may remember that we closed out 2008 with our 50th Annual awards presentation, where we celebrated the best (and opposite-of-best) things to happen in video games throughout the year.

One of the most competitive categories was "Best Product From Someone We All Used to Work With." In the end, it was Rich Gallup who took the trophy with via a masterstroke--a video for something called Azeroth Advisor in which a wizard and a cyborg threw down like a lost scene from a sequel/remake to They Live... if that remake were made by T-1000s.


Congratulations to Ben and Rich! And now, Ben, please get back to making sweet icons for the upcoming achievement/trophy/attainment system we're incorporating into the site later this year! And Rich, go back to spying on Peter Moore to see if he ever kicks that 50-yard field goal!

(Oh, in case you missed it, here's the winning product.)


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