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    Peter Moore

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    Peter Moore was the Chief Operating Officer of EA, responsible for product development, global product management, marketing, and planning for all packaged goods and online offerings.

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    Born in Liverpool, UK in 1955, Peter Moore has earned both a Bachelor's Degree from Keele University, UK and a master’s degree from California State University. His early career saw him take positions at Patrick's USA and Reebok before moving on to take positions at Sega, Microsoft, and eventually EA Sports.


    Moore rose through the ranks in Sega to become the President and COO of Sega of America before leaving to join Microsoft in 2003. During his tenure at Sega, Moore became a big figure in Sega's North American operations during the Dreamcast era and a big contributing factor in Sega's decision to go from console manufacturer to a non platform specific software publisher. Despite conceding to the success of its competitors, Moore has been proud of the success of the Sega Dreamcast video game console. It should also be noted that many consider Moore's handling of the hardware situation in the United States as one of the factors contributing to the downfall of the platform.


    Moore shot to fame during his time at Microsoft, becoming famous for using tattoos to announce Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hired Moore as Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business in 2003 to help the Xbox compete with Sony's Playstation 2 and Nintendo's GameCube, and gain a larger market share which had, at the time, stalled at 23%.

    Electronic Arts

    Peter Moore announced on July 17, 2007 that he would be leaving Microsoft to become the head of Electronic Arts' sports division, EA Sports. It has been reported Electronic Arts agreed to pay Moore an annual salary of $550,000, a discretionary target bonus of 75% of his annual base salary, a $1.5 million bonus in recognition of the future compensation value he would be foregoing by leaving his position at Microsoft, and stock options which are estimated to be worth $330,300.

    Liverpool FC

    On February 27th, Liverpool FC, the football team of Peter Moore's hometown, announced that Peter Moore would be appointed as Chief Executive Officer.


    • "Next generation games will combine unprecedented audio and visual experiences to create worlds that are beyond real and they'll deliver storylines and gameplay so compelling that it will feel like living a lucid dream. The result is a state where you achieve the perfect mind-body equilibrium as you forget your physical surroundings and you become completely immersed in the game itself; this controller becomes an extension of your body, it becomes the gateway to the Zen of gaming."
    • “Xbox Live on Xbox 360 gives each and every player the opportunity to become a member of the world's largest online gaming community. We're excited to offer our existing two million members this supercharged online experience at the same retail price, as well as introduce new users to the next generation in online gaming and entertainment.”
    • "I want to give kudos for Nintendo for its attempt at innovation with the new controller, ... bring people in that, as Iwata-san said, are either lapsed gamers or gamers that are intimidated by the complexity of the controller.”
    • “We need to grow as an industry,”
    • "[The Xbox 360 lineup is] the best game lineup ever in the history of video games.”
    • “[If the PS3 (set for release in spring 2006) is truly more powerful than this machine, as has been rumored, well, playing games on that unit will be like controlling your friends in the backyard.] The biggest and the best names in publishing are committed to the success of Xbox 360, and looking at the titles we have announced, we are very excited, ... The high-definition era of gaming starts now.”
    • “I'm calling a $100 million day on 'Halo' today.”
    • “There will come a day ? in the not too distant future ? that [PC] games will be interchangeable between Windows and the Xbox.”
    • “We are great believers in online gaming, and this is why I believe Microsoft has a great advantage, ... They have announced their broadband strategy for the future.”
    • “It's taken some knocks because it was built in a visual style that doesn't show off the next generation well.”
    • “We've set the pricing where we think it needs to be priced in the marketplace, and that's where it's at.”
    • “Then we explained the Xbox 360 as a living entertainment experience powered by human energy that revolves around you and makes you at the center of your experience and people were like [snaps fingers]... 'I get that.'”
    • “Xbox Live Marketplace puts the buying power directly into the consumer's hands, allowing each person to choose digital content they want, when they want it.”
    • “The supply problems are there in as much as the demand is unbelievable.”
    • “We think (Japan) is the springboard to Asia.”
    • “We knew we had one of the hottest products for the holidays on our hands but even I was stunned by reports the next morning of fights breaking out and guns being drawn.”
    • “Xbox 360 has a stunning attach rate of four games per console, and an accessory level and attach rate of three per console, both of which are nearly double the previous record.”
    • "You Can't Take It With You”

    • “Now, we feel we are in a position to demonstrate what we are really capable of.”

    • "The best game lineup ever in the history of video games.”
    • "There's a reason no-one has done this before and we are figuring that out.”

    • "MS reportedly has upwards of 2,500 people working on the worldwide 360 launch, and the company will utilize every plane available to ship its product.] We're going to ship all around the world; how we're going to do that, I don't know, ... We're going to rent every 747 we can find.”

    • "They make it or they don't. It's no big deal if a game takes another week. The consumer will get a strong line-"

    • "The ability for us to be able to drive the hardware price down requires us to have some kind of a business model elsewhere."

    • "We've set the pricing where we think it needs to be priced in the marketplace, and that's where it's at.”

    • "We tried Xbox 2. We tried a number of names. Went around the world for four months, and Xbox 2 got a shrug of the shoulder."

    • “...has moved very quickly to put itself in the spotlight in the water industry and to address the water issues facing the world today.”

    • “I think we've created an incredible piece of hardware."

    • "The alliance between Adidas and Xbox reflects the fact that sports, lifestyle, and video games are inextricably linked."

    • "The biggest and the best names in publishing are committed to the success of Xbox 360, and looking at the titles we have announced, we are very excited. The high-definition era of gaming starts now."

    • "We have to get credit cards out of the way. We've got to broaden this to younger demographics."

    • "What we have done is encourage retail to keep a balance between pre-orders and first-come-first-served sales, both in North America and in Japan.”

    • "We signal the beginning of what we believe will be market leadership even here in Japan."

    • "We are up and running here."


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