AC3 release date and Hurricane Sandy

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#51 Posted by CJduke (931 posts) -

@solidwolf52: I'm in Western MA, near Connecticut, New York. Maybe that is why, New York is getting hit pretty hard

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#52 Posted by metalsnakezero (2872 posts) -

Looks like most gamestop stores are closed till the storm has died down so my copy wont be picked up till maybe late Wednesday.

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#53 Posted by rachelepithet (1646 posts) -

This is gonna be like PSN outages for Socom, MK, and portal. Poor AC3, Most Wanted, WWE

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#54 Posted by TeejIV (52 posts) -

I wish Gamestop would have called to inform me the midnight launch was canceled. Don't get me wrong - I definitely agree with it, and I was completely incredulous when they called yesterday to say it was on. I instead found out about this by accident on twitter. There's not even a mention of the cancelation on their website. You have to go to their fucking facebook page to find any info. I guess it serves me right for not only preordering, but preodering at Gamestop no less.

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#55 Posted by metalsnakezero (2872 posts) -

@TeejIV: I got a call about the stores being closed so it could be that everything is messy for them.

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#56 Posted by osuzoo08 (97 posts) -

This happened back when Super smash brothers brawl came out in Ohio. We had a blizzard and we had to close our gamestop. A lot of upset fans but we opened up as soon as we could.

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#57 Posted by TeejIV (52 posts) -

@metalsnakezero: I completely understand it being messy. It's just a ridiculous lack of foresight on their part that they didn't plan for it as late as yesterday. I mean, around here, this storm has dominated the local TV networks around the clock for the past few days. It's hardly a surprise. Still, I'm glad they did the right thing and kept their employees safe and people off the roads.

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#58 Posted by Captain_Insano (2859 posts) -
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#59 Posted by firecracker22 (728 posts) -

Yeah, I got a phone call too about the cancellation of the midnight release. Now just gotta wait and see if tomorrow is possible.

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