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More...of the Worst Part of the Game

Remember those test chambers you had to deal with as Desmond? Where you could manipulate two shapes to complete the chambers? It was, in theory, a major part of Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Of course you don't remember playing them --- unless you are an Achievement/Trophy whore, nobody would play them willingly. They were the parts of the game where you didn't do anything awesome or perform like a badass. Clearly, good times abounded.

Well, NOW, Ubisoft wants to charge you to play more of those unenjoyably tedious areas where the odds of having fun are substantially lower than one would imagine. You are the mysterious Subject 16 --- and its a major letdown as Subject 16 seems like a major figure in the mythology during the Assassin's Creed II-based titles, but here, you are a throwaway character, almost totally immaterial.

The visual style is minimalist, but gets more interesting as the game goes on. You are required to find all of the collectibles to actually complete the game. Literally you have to because if you don't find all 20 collectibles, you are sent back to the beginning again.

Boring slog. Not worth a dime, much less the $10 being asked for it.

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