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    Atmosphir is a free online game and creation tool that allows users to create 3D levels using simple Lego-like blocks.

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    Atmosphir is a web-based game/creation tool for Mac and PC that allows players to create and share their own 3D levels. The game comes packed with pre-made assets, from basic platforms to power-ups. Atmosphir is divided into two distinct parts: playing and designing.


    Playing a level
    Playing a level is a web-based portal where you can browse, play, and rate thousands of user-created levels. Every level has a webpage with a screenshot, description, leaderboards, stats, star/difficulty ratings, and user comments. From this page, you can choose to play the level in several modes: solo (single player), co-op (1-8 player multiplayer playing together), or competitive (1-16 player multiplayer with a variety of versus modes like capture the flag, soccer, etc.).Solo/co-op levels can have a variety of goals, depending on the designer's decisions. The main goals are:

    • Find the Finish Flag: Find a green flag before time expires or all lives are lost.
    • Beat the Score: Find a certain number of points.
    • Defeat the Enemies: Defeat a certain number of enemy characters.
    • Defeat the Bosses: Defeat a certain number of boss characters.
    • Survival: Stay alive for a certain amount of time.

    Competitive levels can also have different modes:

    • Free Combat: A free-for-all "deathmatch" game mode.
    • Team Combat: A team-based "deathmatch" mode.
    • Capture the Flag
    • Atmoball: A team-based soccer mode.
    • Racing: Players drive vehicles in an attempt to finish first.


    What sets Atmosphir apart from other online games is the Design Mode. It is an easy and intuitive way to create your own levels. Design Mode is

    Players can make levels that are 1000x1000x1000, allowing their levels to be absolutely enormous.

    Editing a level in Design Mode
    Editing a level in Design Mode

    The parts you are able to work with are divided up into "categories." Categories are simply a way of dividing up all of the objects given to you. They include things like "basic platforms," "hazardous props," and "powerups." The controls of the Design Mode are very similar to a basic 3D editor. You can pan and rotate the camera, select and edit objects, etc.Once you're finished creating your level, you can give it a name and description, then finally upload it. This will create a webpage for it, and allow everyone to see, play, rate, comment on, and edit your level.

    Also, if your level is thought of highly by certain members of the site, your level can be chosen as an XP level, a level that can earn other players experience for beating.


    Experience (or XP) can be earned in one of two ways. The first way is to beat XP Levels, levels that moderation staff on Atmosphir have chosen to be well made and be worth beating. The second way is to make a level that receives either XP status or LOTD (Level of The Day). When a certain amount of XP is earned for a player or designer, they will gain a level on the site. When a level is gained, the player will receive 1 Strato, which can be used to purchase minor perks for in-game use.

    In-game Character Store

    A purchasable shirt.
    A purchasable shirt.

    The in game Character store allows you to purchase many different items for use on your virtual character. These things can be anything from shirts to cars, even to things such as eyes. The game also allows you purchase weapons for use in game and in multiplayer such as cannons and realistic guns such as AK-47s and Desert Eagles. To purchase these items, you can use one of two currency forms. The first is called Atmos, which are used to purchase almost everything, Atmos can only be attained by spending actual money. The second form, Stratos, are only used to purchase perks, and are gained by gaining levels.


    Atmosphir running in Unity
    Atmosphir running in Unity

    Atmosphir started as a downloadable desktop game with an in-house engine. In June 2010, it was relaunched as a

    web-based game using the Unity3D engine and plugin. This allowed it to be played directly from a website. The new engine also added new features like cooperative and competitive multiplayer, gravity tools, a physics engine, and lighting/shaders.

    In the Earlier stages of this game's life, the only playable character was person named Cameron, who was later taken out of the game and was replaced with customizable characters similar to the one left.

    The game used to only allow for levels to be 100x100x100, that has since then been multiplied by 10.

    During November 2011, Atmosphir's website had been going blank. It was at this time that ongoing development was halted, and eventually the game stopped functioning.

    Community Revival

    After dying completely in 2012 due to lack of funding, Atmosphir returned at the hands of its old community as of February 18th 2013 after a reverse engineering effort led by a member named Nin was made available. A custom server (known as Troposphir) was setup that was initially limited to a functional, but manually-managed, level browser, allowing players to play the game and browse for levels once again. This custom server became more and more featured over the years, with members kroltan, Entity and bionicnacho contributing to the project. As of 2016, all functional pieces had been implementing, including user accounts, level uploading, character customization, multiplayer, progress tracking, and more. A custom launcher was developed, and the game received a couple updates that added the long-awaited Bungees and increased the level capacity to 300%.

    Official Resurgence

    The original developers that led Minor Studios, Martin Repetto and Maximo Radice, returned to the scenes in August 2019 and have enlisted the community members that had worked on Project Troposphir with the task of updating the game to a newer version of Unity, reviving the game officially with sights on getting the game as tuned as possible and later developing a sequel.


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