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A Delightful Little Gem 0

I have put 60+ hours into this game.When I think about that, it is kind of ridiculous.But you know what? I'm still having fun with it.Atom Zombie Smasher is a top-down strategy/tower defense game where the goal is to hold the advancing zombie horde at bay while you try to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Battles are fought in grid-style cities, and you chose where to fight your next battle on a strategic map. Overall victory is determined by the victory track: you get points for each ...

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A perfect example of what can make small indie games so great 0

The overworld mapAtom Zombie Smasher is a perfect example of what can make small indie games so great. A fun mechanic placed in a clever context and executed brilliantly. AZS is a top down real time strategy game where players control a small South American country’s defence force as it repels an incoming zombie invasion. It’s you versus the zombies as players fight for control of territory on an over world map while racing to reach a set number of victory points. The zombies will progressively ...

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Addictive but Flawed 0

Sometimes a game just speaks to you. Now, I don't mean that it looks you in the eye and actually says words to you, obviously, but there are some games that appeal to some part of your brain that you may not even know existed. This can show up in the places you least expect, and it isn't always a sign of a good game. When a game catches your attention, has you aching and itching to go back, it did something right. Maybe a mechanic is the shining diamond in an otherwise flawed work, or it has an ...

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