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 Atomic Punk, (also known as Dynablaster in Europe and Bomber Boy in Japan) is a game for the original Game Boy that is a part of Hudson's Bomberman franchise.


 In the single player game of Atomic Punk there are two different modes, A and B. In Game A mode there is a world map which contains nine different sections of play. Any of these sections can be chosen in any order. Coins are earned through finishing the sections, the amount is dependent on the speed finishing the level and the amount of destructible blocks that were destroyed. Coins can be used to buy various panels (or power ups) that can be used at the start of a section. 
In the Game B mode the gameplay is classic Bomberman style of merely trying to bomb the other players, no coins or world map are in this mode.
There is also a 2 player versus modes in Atomic Punk. The first of these modes is called Panel Mode. In Panel Mode each player starts at the basic fire power and a single bomb at a time, but various power ups will randomly appear on the play field that can increase the fire power or amount of bombs. The other mode, called Powerful Mode, both players start with being able to plant four bombs at a time and the fire power is at maximum. In Powerful Mode no power ups will appear on the play field.

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