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    Former member of the Eight Guardian Generals, and later member of the Seven Deities, Augus was the mentor and friend of both Asura and Yasha. He later confronted Asura in a battle to the death on the Moon. His Mantra Affinity is Greed.

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    Was once the mentor of both Asura and Yasha, as well as friend. During their training sessions they would often fight each other just as often as the Gohma. While he taught them how to fight, they never could understand his insatiable love of fighting.

    Asura's Wrath

    After aiding the the other Guardian Generals in fighting off the Gohma, and watching Asura defeat Vlitra, Augus returned to the Mantra Fortress with the others, to later see Deus kill Asura after having framed him for the Emperor's murder.

    12,000 years later, Augus had become a member of the Seven Deities, same as his fellow former-Generals. After Asura rose and killed both Wyzen and Kalrow, Augus volunteered to take his former pupil on. Before they battle though, they relax and reminisce in a hot spring; afterwards the pair fly to the Moon for the showdown. After proving that they were fairly evenly matched, Augus drew his sword, Wailing Dark, which he uses only against those he deems worthy opponents. Now gaining the upper-hand, Augus impales Asura with the great katana and causes it to elongate at an incredible pace, pushing Asura away from the Moon all the way to Gaea. Asura soon lands, but the blade continues to push through him, all the way through Gaea. Enraged, Asura uses his wrath to break the sword, catch it in his teeth, and slice through his former masters' abdomen. Lying on the ground, slowly dying, Augus admits that the battle was the greatest of his life, and that it is a fine way to die.


    Incredibly similar to Asura himself, Augus was in fact based on the early designs for Asura; being much bulkier and physically larger. He wears his trademark sword horizontally across his back, along with intricately decorated pants and gauntlets. While blind, his eyes emit just enough of a shine as to be unable to be seen.


    Augus is, put simply, the embodiment of the bold warrior. It defines all aspects of his life. He reveled in the bloodshed of his enemies and enjoyed battling for battling's sake. He could also be described as a bit of a Hedonist since he greatly enjoyed more basic pleasures but couldn't understand more Altruistic ones. A capable teacher, he taught the rivals Asura and Yasha nearly all they know of combat and the ways of battle; yet he would usually favor Asura over Yasha due to the former having a philosophy so similar to his own. Despite his brutish ways, he was sympathetic with Asura's situation and held no ill will against Asura for defeating him, even going as far as to give him his blessing.


    Being one of the Seven Deities, as well as one of, if not the, oldest of them, Augus possessed a vast amount of power. Besides being immortal, he possessed incredibly amounts of strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He was so great he could take a straight punch from an enraged Asura with little to no discomfort, and equaling Asura's punching speed and strength, even though the former had six arms at the time. Augus also possess a mystical katana names Wailing Dark that he only uses against those he views as worthy, being, so far, only Deus and Asura. Wailing Dark has the ability to elongate to an extreme measure, enough to bifurcate Gaea, putting it's length about 300,000 miles.


    "You fight, then eat good food. You fight, then drink fine wine. You fight, then sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That is what it means to live!"
    "I don't fight for good and I don't fight for evil, I just fight!"

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