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    Aveline Vallen

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    A warrior who helps Hawke's Family escape from Lothering. She is a companion and major character during Dragon Age II.

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    Aveline is a companion, but not a potential romantic interest. You may flirt with her, but it will all mostly be over her head and lead to nowhere. She is available as a companion during your quest to flee Lothering. Hawke and family encounter her and her injured husband, Ser Wesley. When arriving to Kirkwall, Aveline has chosen to take on the duty of being a Kirkwall guard. She specializes in using the sword and shield combination and her character specific skill tree focuses on being a guardian or protector of others.


    Aveline was born in Orlais, although she has no real memories of the country. When she was still an infant, her father had lost everything which caused them to flee Orlais and head out for Ferelden. Her father, Benoit du Lac, wanted Aveline to have the life that she deserved, despite having nothing left to start with. He wanted her to be a knight first and foremost and did everything in his power to get her into King Cailan's services.

    Being a knight was rough for Aveline; She was the first woman to become a knight from Orlais and an orphan. She was often mocked and made out to be a joke amongst the other knights. Aveline had done all she could to be the best, but was afraid of disappointing her father, despite him being very proud of her.

    Aveline was named after the legendary female warrior of the same name.



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