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    Baba Yaga

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    Baba Yaga is an evil witch from Eastern European folklore that appears in a number of games. She lives in a hut with chicken legs and eats children.

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    Baba Yaga, flying in the face of witchly tradition, generally travels sitting in a mortar and steering with a pestle rather than riding on a broomstick. As is mentioned in the short synopsis, she generally is depicted as living in a house on dancing chicken legs and surrounded by a fence made of human bones with a skull on each post. The skulls are said to glow with an eerie glow during the night. In folktales of Baba Yaga, she is often used as a cautionary tale for misbehaving children, in these tales; she takes naughty children away to be enslaved and later eaten.

    In Russian myth she often serves as a risky source of information; she may help, but approaching her for assistance is of the utmost danger and one must be prepared with both protection and good manners. It is said that she ages by a year whenever asked a question which may explain her generally bad attitude, but this aging can be reversed by a tea made from blue roses (as reflected in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)


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