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    In Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero, Spielburg is the valley in which the Hero is trapped. It is inspired by traditional fantasy types, and is plagued with bandits, evil creatures, and even Baba Yaga.

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    Beset by bandits, goblins, and evil wizardry, the valley of Spielburg is in dire need of a Hero. Thankfully, one such type of person just happens to stroll into town after a roadway is blocked and escape from the valley is made seemingly impossible.

    Throughout the course of Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero (formerly Hero's Quest), the Hero must rid Spielburg of its various nefarious elements. He is assisted in his quest by several people of questionable reputation, including the kindly wizard Erasmus, the evil self-serving Baba Yaga, and a bevy of minor characters.

    Spielburg is into several major areas. The town includes various homes for thieving Heroes to rob, a Heroes' Guild where they can sign in with a flourish and eyeball a fiercesome moose (it almost bit the lethargic Guildmaster's nose off, you know), a Sheriff's office, a vegetable stand, general store, shady back alley, and even a bar. Just don't try the Dragon's Breath!

    The castle of the von Spielburgs is overcome by sadness at of both Baron and Baronet von Spielburg. There, the Hero may train his fighting skills in the yard or do chores to increase his strength and a little coin. Near the castle lies the Healer's shop, where the Hero can buy various potions and bring quest items for a good amount of coin.

    Also notable in the valley of Speilburg is the infamous Baba Yaga and her chicken-hut. Directly inspired by mythology (as are most of the Quest for Glory games), Baba Yaga lives in a hut with the legs of a giant chicken. It is guarded by an eyeless skull, who seeks to see the light of day again before allowing admittance into the witch's hut. Her goodly counterpart, Erasmus, and his familiar Fenrus live atop a steep mountain in the valley as well. These two offer guidance and assistance to the Hero, and may even offer new spells if the Hero has enough training.

    There are also caves to be explored and plundered, magical mushroom rings, seed-spitting spore plants, a grungy hermit's den, and a quiet, calming area known as Erana's Peace. The Hero has lots to see and do in order to save the valley.


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