Just Finished Ep II. (Spoilers Present)

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#1 Posted by alkie (26 posts) -

Just shot through Ep II this morning. 
I was hoping that there would be more to explore, but instead we were pidgeon holed into the same town square, same time period, etc.
That said, it looks like Ep III goes into an alternate future so that will hopefully satisify that desired setting change.
I quite enjoyed it, its a bit TOO simple - but ive taken the viewpoint that its more of an interactive story than a "game" as such, which is allowing me to get more out of it than I otherwise would I think.

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#2 Posted by zidd (1935 posts) -

Have you ever seen a back to the future movie before? ALL THREE of them take place in the town square.

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#3 Posted by Davvyk (789 posts) -

I kinda agree i was a bit disappointed by it all being set in the same area as ep 1 but episode 3 looks brilliant! Really really messed up alternative reality. Loving this series so far and would honestly say its up there with Telltales best.

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#4 Posted by linkster7 (1370 posts) -

This is out?!

Runs over to steam

Too bad about the same area though, kinda wished for somewhere or sometime else.

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#5 Posted by zagzagovich (830 posts) -

Yeah. I was a bit bummed at first but they did a really good job of making a tight space for the story. I never got stuck or had to use hints so the momentum never stopped. New stuff looks crazy though.

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#6 Posted by BjornTheUnicorn (386 posts) -

Episode 3: Jesus Christ! 
I though episode 2 was much better, and I felt smart when I did the puzzles as opposed to  "I clicked things in the right order"

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#7 Posted by ds8k (432 posts) -

I haven't been too impressed by the game, but I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere. The game just gives off this great feeling of nostalgia and truly brings me back to being a kid and watching the movies for the first time. The guy playing Marty is amazing. I'm beyond happy that they found him. 
Can't wait for Episode 3. Hopefully the puzzles will get a bit more challenging.

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#8 Posted by JJWeatherman (15022 posts) -

Yeah, it focused on the same time period for the majority of the game, but it still worked. I'm really looking forward to sinister future Doc.

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#9 Posted by deactivated-987696 (99 posts) -

Looking fwd to next episode, they're too short... A quality vs quantity thing I guess...

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#10 Posted by JeanLuc (3882 posts) -

yeah I'm looking forward to crazy messed up future, but you that Marty is going to have to go back to 1930 to fix it since thats where it starts.

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#11 Edited by MrKlorox (11150 posts) -

You mean crazy messed up present, right? Doesn't it take place in 1985? The future tech is supposed to be because Emmett got into full on science earlier than he originally had.
And yeah of course you gotta go back to 1930s and make him go see Frankenstein or something like that and dump that puritan Edna.
I would have rather done some more paradox avoiding with the other Marty, but they're probably saving that for OUTATIME.

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#12 Posted by randiolo (1172 posts) -

yea going through the same era again was a bit tedious and the Einstein mechanic for sniffing out people is getting played out already. Still looking forward to the next episode, looks totally different to what we have ever seen for back to the future.

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