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    Baelheit is a legendary spiriter and the creator of Machina. He's also One of the villains in Baten Kaitos Origins

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    As  young man growing up in the Alfard empire he was one of the men attached to the maledieter project which was to engineer a man made Spiriter by way of bonding one of Malpercio's Afterlings to orphans. In this project he was partnered with Emperor Olgan and Questor Verus. The process was unsuccessful however and when one of the subjects went on a rampage his daughter Milly was severely injured with most of her body destroyed. His wife was also killed in the accident. Feeling that their was no reason left to live he left his daughter's ravaged body on life support and went to the island of Mira to die. Exhausted he collapsed in the Shrine of spirits.


    There a Guardian spirit bonded with him revealing the secrets of Machina to him. With this knowledge he returned to Alfard and saved his daughter by replacing her missing body parts with Machina. He then ushered in the Machina age as nature and religion were cast away and his people became more reliant on Machina for everything.
    He then became head of his own personal army known as the dark service. He planned to assassinate the emperor but was beaten to it by double agent Shanath. In a snap election he was named the new emperor beating out questor verus.
    He even made a man made continent known as Tarazed. It is here that he faced Sagi, Milly and Guillo. He revealed his past to them and later lost  in battle when his guardian spirit refused to give him its power because he had lost his way and become corrupt. It was then the Verus revealed he had been the real villain and killed Baelheit by running him through with his sword. Upon his death the spirit returned to its world.


    He was succeeed as Emperor by Geldoblame who would rule for twenty years. His daughter Milly would go on to marry Sagi and give rise to a daughter melodia who would finally free malpercia and bring the world to the brink of destruction. 
    Skills and Abilities
    He is a very gifted swordsman and  tactician. He is also a genius inventor able to revolutionize his people and make them the most powerful place in all the world in little under twenty years. 
    Spiriter powers
    He is also one of the few gifted individuals who can hear and communicate with a guardian spirit. He took this further by bonding with said spirit thus become a spiriter; a being of incalculable power able to bring about the world destruction or salvation.
    As a spiriter he had access to various high level elemental magic abilities like Hellfire.

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