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    'Father' Balder is the last remaining Lumen Sage and one of the primary antagonists in the game Bayonetta. His goal is to use the 'eyes of the world' to resurrect Jubileus, the Creator and unite the three worlds.

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    Throughout most of the game Balder speaks directly into Bayonetta's mind, often calling her "my dear sweet child" and explaining to her on one occasion that to save herself she must also save Cereza and on another that no harm will come to her as he is watching over her. 
    During a scene near the end of the game in the Ithavoll building, the largest building in all of Isla Del Sol (the upper class district of Vigrid), both Bayonetta and Cereza hear Balder's voice and Cereza runs off ahead of Bayonetta, claiming the voice belongs to her "daddy". Bayonetta works her way to a room at the top of the building where she finds Balder, with Cereza in his arms and he introduces himself. Balder reveals that he is Bayonetta's father and that he plans to use the 'eyes-of-the-world' to resurrect Jubileus, the Creator and join together Paradiso, Purgatorio and Inferno into a single world to remake the universe. He also explains that Bayonetta herself is the left eye, but to "awaken" her so that he could use her alongside the right eye, she had to first remember her past. He reveals that Cereza is Bayonetta from hundreds of years ago, when she was a child and that he needed Bayonetta to see herself as a child to awaken her memories. According to Balder all of Bayonetta's battles and experiences up to this point had also been part of what helped Bayonetta recall all her lost memories. He also reveals that it was him that spurred on the hunts against the Umbra Witches 500 years ago, but while the left eye was still out of reach to him, he had "devoted himself" to the "prosperity" of Vigrid, presumably this refers to the position he took up as executive of the Ithavoll corporation.  

    Bayonetta rejects Balder as her father, but Luka interrupts the conversation, appearing out of the shadows and criticizes Balder in a mocking fashion. Balder tells Luka that he had used his father to find the location of Bayonetta when she was trapped in her sleeping state 20 years ago and then killed him. He then attempts to kill Luka in the same manner he killed his father, by having angels rip the limbs from his body. Bayonetta stops Balder's angels by shooting them down, but Balder uses his powers to throw Luka out of one of the tower windows. Balder then tells Bayonetta that he had mentally "reprogrammed" Jeanne and used her to lure Bayonetta to him.  
    Balder absorbs Cereza into himself, creating a blast which destroys the room that he and Bayonetta are standing in and they begin to fight in midair while falling down the side of the Ithavoll building. Despite many of Bayonetta's climax attacks failing to seriously damage Balder, it seems that she finally defeats him by shooting her stick of lipstick out of her gun and into his head, causing him to fall to the ground and separating Cereza from him. 
    Bayonetta uses Cereza's watch to travel back in time and place her back in the past, 500 years ago, but upon returning to the present day collapses in anguish, as all her memories return. Balder reveals himself to be alive and relatively unharmed and with the left eye now fully awakened he takes Bayonetta and places her in the left eye of the statue he had been storing in the Ithavoll building, while placing himself in the right. The statue becomes Jubileus, the Creator and the bottom of the building brakes away to reveal a missile which launches Jubileus into space. Revealing that she is in fact not dead, Jeanne reappears and using her motorbike, scales Jubileus and manages to remove Bayonetta from the deity's left eye. In a fit of rage Jubileus closes its right eye, most probably consuming Balder, however even if he was not wholly consumed by Jubileus, he can be assumed dead as Bayonetta and Jeanne destroyed the deity completely.

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