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    Base Wars - Cyber Stadium Series

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released June 1991

    Base Wars pits robots against robots in this memorable baseball-brawler.

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    Base Wars is a futuristic baseball game where robots take to the diamond for our amusement. In this distant future managers have grown tired of shelling out exorbitant salaries for human ball players and have turned to the only reasonable alternative: robots. In Base Wars, you choose your team of robots and customize them with weapons, tank treads, wheels or cyborg legs. The game plays much like the baseball we know and love, only when a play is contested, the robots duke it out to see who's safe and who's out. When any player (robot) has lost a fight too many times, that player will be out for the remainder of the game. When the user has lost three robots they will forfeit the game.


    • San Francisco

    • New York

    • Toronto

    • Texas

    • Minnesota

    • Detroit

    • California

    • San Diego

    • Boston

    • Houston

    • St. Louis

    • Chicago

    Robot Types

    • Cyborg
    • Tank
    • Flybot
    • Motorcycle

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