Bermuda Syndrome

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    Bermuda Syndrome is a 2D platformer released in 1995 for the PC which was very similar to Flashback. Noted for its very richly detailed backgrounds.

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    Bermuda Syndrome is a 2D platformer created by Century Interactive for Windows. The game was released in Europe, Russia and the US, where it is largely unknown. The gameplay was very similar to Flashback; the player navigates a series of screens, often containing puzzles to solve. The game was praised for the amount of detail in the background and uniqueness of each of the game's 228 screens. However, many reviewers at the time thought the graphics were overshadowed by the frustrating puzzles and controls.


    Jack Thompson is piloting a B-17 bomber for the US Air Force in World War II, when his plane is shot down by a German fighter. As the plane descends, it falls through a portal which appears in the sky, taking it to another world. Meanwhile, a young woman, tied to an altar in an overgrown jungle, is about to be eaten by an approaching dinosaur. Jack finds himself just above this scene, still falling in his damaged B-17. Jack's plane crash lands onto the dinosaur before it can reach the woman, and Jack, having bailed out just before the plane crashed, cuts her free of the altar.

    It is revealed that the young woman was a princess to be sacrificed to save her father's life, and that Jack has just doomed her father to death by killing the dinosaur. Jack is skeptical of this claim, and decides to bring the woman back to her village and sort out whatever troubles led to her being left to be sacrificed. Thus they begin to travel through the dangerous jungle...


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