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    Explore the wastelands of BioDefense in this unique release from Resolution Interactive that will revolutionize strategy games on the iPhone. BioDefense is an RTS game where you're defending your base against waves of zombies. Build your defenses well and expand your base into the pitch-black wastelands.

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    Biodefense is a tower defense mixed with strategy in the form of resource management. The opponents are zombies sprung from an environmental catastrophe.

    You start by building a defence system with an assortment of weaponry and lighting before the zombies are released in waves. You also manage an energy system that you have to set up independently and protect from the zombies.

    The game sports two modes of play, a story campaign and a never ending play campaign where wave upon wave of Zombies try to destroy your defence system.

    The story campaign helps you unlock new levels, technology and weaponry.


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