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Black Shades stars a psychic bodyguard, tasked with keeping the oblivious white-suited "VIP" from assassins and zombies, using a variety of weapons, and psychic abilities.  The game features an "infinite randomly generated city," "rag-doll skeletal animation," "Soul release mode," and a "fluid aiming system."   As advertised by the developer, players can "stop assassins by shooting them, knocking them unconscious, disarming them, tackling the VIP out of the line of fire, or any combination of the above."  
Black Shades was one of the winners of the UDevGame 2002 Contest out of approx.. 40 contestants.


  • Sniper Rifle (Crouch to scope)
  • Assualt Rifle 
  • Magnum 
  • Handgun 
  • Grenade 
  • Knife 
  • Shotgun 


  • Physic Aim 
This activates bullet time slowing everything down making it easier to get a shot
  • Soul Release 
Lets you move out of your body, the VIP will pulsate blue, civilians pulsate from black to red and assassins stay solid red. 

Developer Mode Abilities 

  • 3rd person and 2nd person mode 
  • Force Push 
  • Laser sight 
  • Permanent slow down time 
  • Freeze Time 
  • Wireframe Models

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