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Blackwater is the largest town/city in Red Dead Redemption. You explore the town during the third and final part of the game. There, you meet a variety of characters including government agent Edgar Ross who plays a key role in the story's ending. You also meet Harold MacDougal, a drug addict for whom you do missions for. Little is known about the town's history. According to a newspaper in the game, a major shootout appropriately titled the "Massacre of Blackwater" took place in the year 1899 between Landon Ricketts and the Butcher brothers.

The town is fairly big with docks and a town hall. There are a variety of shops and bars that the player can visit as well as "strangers" to interact with. One mission tasks you with foiling a bank heist while in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, you must cleanse the town of all zombies.

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