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    Blaster Master: Blasting Again

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 13, 2000

    Blaster Master: Blasting Again, published by Crave in January 2001: features the story of Roddy, the son of the NES Blaster Master hero Jason. Who must explore subterranean caves with the help of the new tank Sophia J7.

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    The story of Blaster Master: Blasting Again takes place in the year 2019, where the original "Blaster Master" Jason has finally succumb to death after years of continuously fighting the "Lightning Beings" that had plagued the Earth since the first Blaster Master adventure. There is only one person left that can take his place and that is his only son, Roddy. Roddy is joined by his older sister Elfie who provides information, reconnaissance and works as the engineer back at the pair's command center.

    It was thought that the "Plutonium Boss" was destroyed by Jason in their first encounter but as the number of Lightning Beings increases and as they get closer to the core of the Earth, it appears that the master mind may have returned. Roddy will have to hop in the tank Sophia J-7 and with a help of a few good explosions stop the Lightning Beings once and for all.

    Gameplay Information

    Blaster Master: Blasting Again plays similarly to its NES counterpart, though in 3-D, you must explore twisting corridors either inside your giant tank or on foot, as Roddy, when the tank proves to be too big to get where you need to go. Also similar to the original you will receive power-ups for your tank as you progress, these include the ability to climb certain walls, hover in the air for limited periods of time and to use a limited speed booster. These power-ups are designed to help you reach previously unreachable areas and progress in the game.

    Sophia J-7 also becomes slowly equiped with 4 different types of sub weapons; these include the Blaster, which is a powerful direct cannon shot; Homing, which are homing missiles; Thunder, which is a powerful electricty cannon and finally the Field Guard which errects a damaging force field which both attacks and defends. The supply of these are limited so power-ups will have to be found to refil the gauges or if special icons are found perminately extend the limit of a specific sub-weapon by one bar.

    As Roddy you explore smaller underground base-like areas where power sources, usually to electric gates hindering Sophia's progress are found. Roddy has two main attacks a standard gun (which can be powered up to a powerful flame-thrower) and a napalm grenade. He also has the use of move called HyperSonic which allows him to dash around at high speed to damage all nearby enemies he comes in to contact with.

    The world is centered around a main hub, which contains portals to the four different game zones: the Cavern, Stream, Volcano and Jungle. Each of these areas needs to be explored a couple of times, later with some of the new power-ups you will have gained. These zones are the game's "levels" and is where most of your fighting will be done.

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