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Shattered indeed... 2

   Alright, as a student of the english school system I'm always tempted to write a big informative essay when I write a game review, no less than 2000 words, no more than 5000 words with at least one reference to scones and/or tea, but I'm not gonna do that for this game. No, my single statement review for this game:  "DON'T BUY IT!"     that's it, I'm not gonna write anymore. Alright maybe just a bit. Let me at least start by saying that I really like the Bleach franchise, in fact it's one of ...

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Horrible fighting game that won't even please hardcore fans 0

The Good: Nice art style – The combat is interesting at first...The Bad: ...but that interest fades away after a few minutes – Repetitive gameplay will make you want to kill kittens – Looooong loading times– The music is repetitive – Lame story mode____________Bleach: Shattered Blade is the first game of the series on the wii and while i had hopes for this to become one of -if not- the best wii fighter of the year, SEGA didn't put any effort in this game making it the worst fighting game of 2007...

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