Bloodborne build exchange. (Post yours!)

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Just finished off two new builds (after deleting all the ones i had already) that I will be taking into The Old Hunters. One skill build and one arcane.

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The Blades of Mercy have been my favorite weapon from day one pretty much, so I couldn't do without it. Went with Troubled Childhood for the 9 arcane to use Simon's Bowblade. 1 point in strength is technically wasted since I don't use Burial Blade much at all. Attire is all fashion. Will likely take this up to 110 meta later.

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Arcane build for the fun of it. Obviously Cruel Fate for 5 BLT. Getting through the game with strength and skill at base is a damn chore, but slotting in an arcane gem makes it all worth it. Hunter Tools are meh generally, especially A Call Beyond. Hoping the DLC will bring some good stuff to the table. Attire is again all fashion. This one will likely stay at 100. Unless I come across something that needs higher stats. In that case again probably 110 meta. Rosmarinus is so sexy you don't even fucking know.

Post your builds. I recommend using the character planner at Mugenmonkey.

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Huh, that site's interesting. I need to get back into this game. Is there some point to staying at level 10?

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@rorie: Do you mean 100? It's mostly for pvp. 100-120 is the most active meta in the community. It's supposedly the level range where builds are balanced best without everyone having everything. That's not saying there isn't pvp at other level ranges though. I just find it more fun to not have all stats at their caps.

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@rorie: Everything perilator666 is correct. But also keep in mind that the meta was also chosen because the PvP and Coop in the souls games (except Dark Souls 2) working on a +10% and -10% range. So while you can have your level 150 and find other players to play with, you won't be matched with those in the meta range (100-120).

Edit: Keep in mind that From Software has made it better for friends to player with one another despite these level restrictions. With rings in Dark Souls 2 and passwords in Bloodborne, but this only work for Coop and not PvP.

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