I live, I die. I live again!... I died again (Fresh Bloodborne player)

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(spoilers about mid game Bloodborne)

When giantbomb first started covering the Souls games I loved watching them play, but I was way to afraid to play myself. But after much back and forth I did finally play Dark Souls 1, and oh my... it quickly turned into what I can only describe as an addiction.

Frustration, horror, patience and defeat upon defeat, but also so much joy. Joy in the discovery of lore and hidden secrets, thrill and adrenaline when killing a hard boss and interesting and fun builds to play with. I went from a strength character to a pure mage, there was so much to play with.Having skipped Dark Souls 2 I felt no fatigue going into DS3. It was a lot of callbacks, nostalgia, and lore follow-up from the earlier games. But besides the great bosses and world, I never found the lore as interesting as the first one. DS1 popped my Souls cherry, but it feels like there's more to it.

I enjoyed DS3s online, which added many hours to my total time, coop and fight clubs in particular. I think that was what made me truly prepared for... Bloodborne.

Eldritch horror in an alternate Victorian England, sign me up! I'm two years late to the party, but damn if it isn't still a great party (no online, non ps+ member). The world, weapons, clothing, characters, music, monster design, it's just so much to love! I especially appreciate how insight works, such an interesting mechanic.

The last boss I fought was Vicar Amelia. After everything I'd heard about her I thought she would thrash me for days, like a different clergy (or Pontiff if you like) most certainly did.

She died on my first try. I don't like boasting, but it was such a thrill to down her in one, my heart was racing! That fealing, that "high", is definitely among why I love this series.

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I'm building a skill and arcane character, using the pimp Cain. Having played (among other builds) a pure pyromancer and sorcerer in the earlier games I'm hoping that I'll find some exciting use for arcane later on.

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When I last played Cthulhus littler brother just snapped me off to somewhere sunny and frightening, a nightmare of some sort. Total cakewalk, right? This is so much fun.

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Glad to hear you`re enjoying it. Bloodborne is easily my favorite souls game.

Vicar Amelia is a weird one. It seems like for some people she is not particularly hard (by souls standards), but for some people she seems to be a real roadblock. I didn`t have too much trouble with her myself, but I do know some people who almost quit the game fighting her.

While there is some pretty cool arcane stuff in the late game I do think it`s one of the weaker sides of the game. A pure arcane build is pretty much not viable and while a lot of it looks really cool most of it I found to be not that useful. That might just be me though, so if you are liking the arcane stuff more power to you!

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@odinsmana: I think I already like it more than Dark Souls 3, so I'm interested to see what I'll uncover later in the game.

I've heard that arcane can be real powerful down the road, and since I love Eldritch horror I want a character that makes use of it, not just bullets and steel.

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Nice, dude! I'm glad you're giving Bloodborne a run through and seemingly enjoying it as much as I did. It's definitely got some of the best zones and bosses in the series, as well as better lore than Dark Souls 3. The only thing it's lacking as much is replayability, but for 2-3 playthroughs it's great. I recently went back and did another playthrough after over a year of not playing and it was a lot of fun, it's really a special game.

I've yet to try an arcane build because I've heard it's not really worth it until you get to late game, but since you're doing pure PVE you should be fine. Try to get all the spells you can and look up on the wiki to see if you missed any because IIRC the best ones are super well hidden.

Eldritch/Lovecraftian horror is always great and Bloodborne does it so well! I also hope you plan on getting the Old Hunters DLC as that's probably the best content in the game.

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@drachmalius: I love how much love people have for BB. And for the DLC, I bought the GOTY Edition for a reason! Really looking forward to it later on.

I work a lot so I'll probably look up some spells and such on the wiki, but I mostly prefer finding and discovering things blind.

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