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Blues Brothers 2000 is based on the movie of the same name, which was released in 1998. Brought into the world by the same publishers as such dubious games as Superman 64, the game was released roughly two years after the movie it was based on. The game itself is an action platformer where everything is out to kill you.


The game follows the movie's plot *very*, *VERY* roughly insofar as Elwood Blues attempts to get the band back together for a battle of the bands. The game itself tells the vast breadth of its story in still images between levels, with the occasional exchange of dialogue.

It's finally time for Elwood to be released from jail, but the 'evil warden' refuses to let him leave as a helpful prison guard informs him. After rescuing Buster from a demented lunch lady, Elwood confronted the evil warden and managed to escape Joilet State Prison. Before he escaped , he learned the warden has handed over the rest of the band- 'Mighty' Mac and Cab- to the mob.

Elwood managed to make his way to Chicago to find Mac and Cab, only to end up running from a sewer alligator and confronting Willy. Elwood managed to rescue Mac, but Cab was still missing.

After arriving in the Spooky Graveyard and dealing with evil trees, the band was finally reunited with the rescue of Cab. The band then went to Louisiana (The Swamp) to participate in a battle of the bands, and ultimately prevailed.


Blues Brothers picks up several cues from more influential platformers of the time. Elwood's slam mirrors Mario's butt stomp, and the main collectibles- notes- are back from Banjo-Kazooie. Other cues include collecting a hundred of an item for an extra life.

The camera system is also referential to Super Mario 64, though inferior in implementation- the camera can get caught on walls quite easily, forcing the player to move blindly.

There is a minigame based on cued-button presses, but the presses are not timed with the music and very difficult to get correctly.


Blues Brothers 2000 received mixed to negative reviews, and did not prove to be very popular- being released two years after its movie. Among the things most criticized in the game, the imprecise controls and the lackluster camera system were frequently mentioned. IGN claimed that half of the time they spent with the game was spent trying to get the camera working.

Gamespot also said the game was buggy, complaining that they would get trapped in infinite damage loops.

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