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    BMW Z8

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    A roadster produced by the BMW vehicle company between 2000 and 2003.

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    The Z8 was a BMW roadster, produced between 2000 and 2003. Identified as the 'E52' (as the system used for BMW cars has been). The Z8 was produced after the success of the Z07 concept car, which was shown at the 1997 Tokyo Auto Show, and BMW decided to produce the Z8 in a limited production run due to the appeal the car appeared to hold.

    Retailing at $128,000, the Z8 was restricted to a top speed of 155.4mph - should the restriction be removed, it was capable of 186mph. The Z8 generally received positive reviews from motoring critics and journalists, though Jeremy Clarkson famously stated that the Z8 did not know whether it was a roadster or a supercar, and spoke of terrible handling.

    Perhaps most famously, the Z8 starred as James Bond's car of choice during the 1999 film The World is Not Enough. The car was cut in half by a large saw mounted upon a helicopter in Azerbaijan.


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