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    Missile Launcher

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    This weapon can launch guided rockets, they can use heat seeking, laser guiding, or even remote control

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     A missile launcher is basically a rocket launcher with guided missiles, the missiles can track a laser, an "heat" source or targetable target, a projectile previously launched or even be remote controlled
    The maneuverability of the missiles may vary second the games, and even their ability to seek targets; some games uses perfectible tracking missiles, often for balance reasons, mostly when it comes to shooters that can be played in Multiplayer, up to Intelligent missiles that can find potential targets on their own without the need to track or something like that. 
    When missiles have no target to seek or nothing to guide them, they acts like rockets.

    Guidance systems

    • Laser Guided (when you have the laser on the missile will follow the laser beam until the missile hit something or lose completely the laser beam)
    • Heat/Target seeking
    1. Aim your target and wait for the lock, once locked the missile will seek its target
    2. If your target is in sight, the lock on systems are activated, once locked on the missile can be launched and seek its target
    3. Paint / designate your target, instantly or after a few seconds, you can launch the missile, this configuration allow to launch the missile "blindly" and indirectly
    4. Intelligent, when the missile is intelligent, it can seek its target if it's close to its trajectory or even without any input, going to track and kill any random target.
    • Projectile seeking (launch a dart or some kind of projectile at the wanted target, and the missile will seek it)
    • Remote controlled (the remote control include the guidance and the use of the detonation system and even built in weapons systems if the missile have these)
    1. The missile is controlled in first / third person and can be guided by using the classic controls
    2. The missile's view is viewed through a screen built in the weapon

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