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The Russian KPB Instrument Design Bureau first introduced the Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) in October 1994. This system utilizes a laser beam riding missile, where the operator simply has to keep sight of the target to ensure a hit. 
The Kornet ATGM was designed to defeat current and future explosive reactive armor (ERA) equipped tanks. After the missile passes the ERA defenses of a tank, the 9M133 missile can penetrate 1000-1200mm of rolled homogenous armor (RHA).  The export version of the Kornet ATGM system is designated: Kornet-E

Weapon Characteristics
        portable launcher: 26 kg
        anti-tank missile
:  29 kg
        thermal sights:       11 kg
Firing range:
        day time:     100 - 5,500 m
        night time, thermal sights: 100 - 3,500 m


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