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    Syria is a country in the middle east bordered by Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. Its capital city is Damascus.

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    Syria is an Arab republic in the Middle east. Its President Bashar al-Assad assumed office in 2000. Syria is a major political and military power in the area and is often in conflict with its neighbors Lebanon and Israel.

    Syria shares great trade and political relations with the Russian Federation and Iraq. Syria was a major trading partner with the USSR during Soviet times and continued to be a friend of most of the former Soviet states after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Recently there has been extremely high tension between Israel and Syria.There was at one point talk of war between the two nations in early 2010.

    Syria has also had rough relations with Turkey over fresh water supply and rivers that flow between the two nations.

    Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Syria has been in a state of civil war, with almost half of the country now occupied by ISIS.

    Syria is famous for its many abandoned desert cities. Some of them are thousands of years old and many tourists from Asia and the Middle East travel to Syria to view these sites.

    Generally when a video game takes place in Syria it is usually ancient Syria, in the time of Sultans. Rarely does a video game take place in current day Syria.

    Currency is the Syrian Pound. 1 USD = about 140 SYP.


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