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    Ali Al-Saachez

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    Ali Al-Saachez is one of the main antagonists in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a terrorist-turned-mercenary who loves killing, and is the former mentor of protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei.

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    Ali Al-Saachez is one of the main antagonists in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 universe of the Gundam franchise. He's a former Middle-Eastern guerrilla who enjoys fighting. He formerly led the KPSA terrorist organization in Kurdistan, where he trained child soldiers including Soran Ibrahim, who later grows up to become protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei. After the KPSA was disbanded, he later became a mercenary for a living; he's also a mobile suit pilot for the AEU, under the French Foreign Legion as Gary Biaggi. In season 2, he becomes an agent for the Innovators and pilots the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.


    Ali is a self-admitted enthusiast of war, conflict, and violence: underhanded, ruthless, selfish, and takes pleasure in the misfortune of others (to the point where individuals such as Neil and Lyle Dylandy have called him a monster). Ali wishes only to experience battles and went into fights for the sheer joy of it. He's very content with the mercenary life, being able to kill and make good money out of it. He's also proven to be intellectually dangerous as he's skilled in many lesser character traits such as deception, manipulation, mobile unit piloting, and unarmed combat. Ali greatly favors adorning all his wears in the color crimson, including his mobile suits.

    Skills and Abilities

    As with many mercenaries, Ali is assumed to be highly competent in various styles of combat (long range, hand-to-hand, etc.). However, Ali is most lethal in close quarters combat, when piloting a mobile suit or without one (when he shoots Michael Trinity and dislocates Johann's shoulder in a mere second). Having run his own terror network, the KPSA, during the Solar Wars, he has brainwashed and trained many children to become child soldiers (most notably Gundam Meisters Fon Spaak and Setsuna F. Seiei) in combat skills. Ali's combat style reflects in his selection of mobile units, piloting exclusively units designed for close combat.



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