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The two brothers were each in a season, their names were Neil Dylandy and Lyle Dylandy. During the first season Neil Dylandy was the gundam meister piloting the Dynames gundam until the near end in episode 23 when he was killed by Ali Al-sachez piloting the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. Lyle Dylandy took over as the new "Lockon Stratos" in the second season, the new" Lockon Stratos" has a different motive for fighting as he supports "Katharon" and is also a valued member of Katharon. The new Lockon Stratos is codenamed "gene-1" in the rebel forces named"Katharon". 

Neil Dylandy (Gundam 00 season 1)

Personality:  As the unofficial leader of the Gundam Meisters, Lockon is the most easy going of all. He's kind and considerate to people around him, but there is a dark side. There's a lot of internal anger against terrorists due to KPSA's involvement in killing his family. Because of the violent death of his family, he desired the power to change world and believed Celestial Being can help him change it; a life struggle with vengeance against terrorism. While usually cool-minded and rarely angry, dealing in missions and/or people related to terrorism (especially KPSA) affects his judgment as he's blinded by his anger. His thoughts are usually about his mother, father, little sister Amy. He's survived by his identical twin brother, Lyle, who for personal reasons didn't keep in contact with him. 
History:  Sometime around A.D. 2301, Neil and Lyle's family was on a family outing. The twins was somehow separated from Amy (little sister) and their parents. The terrorist group, KPSA, had a child suicide bomber detonate an explosive within a commercial area and killed the twins' parents and little sister. Neil was looking for his family when the explosion occurred, he survived the explosion because he was furthest away. Lyle also survived the explosion and was shocked while looking at the flaming remains of buildings and people. While Lyle moved on with his life and went to boarding school, Neil still grieved over the unnecessary deaths of his family members and desired the power to prevent such things to happen again. It is presumed that Neil may have attended a military academy after the death of his family. 

Lyle Dylandy (Gundam 00 Season 2)

Personality:  Lyle overall is a flirty, laid-back, and secretive person. His greatest dislike is being compared to Neil. While he has no hate against his brother, Lyle self-depicts himself as the least appreciated twin and rather go somewhere else than being compared to Neil. As a child, he couldn't stand the competition and rather be away from an unappreciative family. However, all of his feelings might be personal insecurities and self-concluded reality of his youth and not how actual events occurred as he described it.

Similar to Neil, they both have a strong sense of justice and motivated to take arms to make a difference with his world. Unlike Neil, Lyle can let many past transgressions go, a more forgiving man than his grudge-wielding brother. However, while Neil is respectful with his female co-workers, Lyle more forward with women. He's the sort of person who always made his intentions known, but he hides his most negative thoughts to himself, especially his personal family history.

While Lyle agreed to be part of Celestial Being, he remained as a informant for Katharon. He would often contact them whenever it's crucial to their group, but he's often caught by a Celestial Being member in the act of contacting them. Lyle would also use his contacts in Katharon as an unofficial liaison to help Celestial Beingand has proven a crucial benefit in several occasions in their campaign.

Over time, due to the loss of his beloved Anew Returner, Lyle learned to hold a real grudge and have a sense of vengeance against Innovators. Through his experiences of losing Anew, Lyle had the chance to understand his brother's obsession with vengeance and the reason for his death. After Celestial Being ended their campaign against A-Laws and Innovators, Lyle decided to dedicate his life to CB. He resigned from Katharon to be come a devoted Gundam Meister.  

History: Lyle Dylandy and his older twin brother, Neil, were born in the 3rd of March in 2283 AD. Lyle was raised in Ireland together with his brother, and later younger sister Amy, by their parents, Owen and Lindsay Dylandy.

While growing up, Lyle was frequently compared to Neil, which caused some inferiority complex within him. Due to this, Lyle left home for boarding school during middle school years to avoid his older brother. When he lost his parents and younger sister in the KPSA bombing in Ireland, Lyle only felt emptiness. In contrast to his brother, Lyle decided to move on with his life after the tragedy.

Lyle had been further detached from his brother after their family's death. Neil has never showed himself to Lyle despite sending money to support Lyle's lifestyle and education. Despite this, Lyle gladly used Neil's support to live his life to the fullest, as a sign of respect to Neil. Lyle finished his studies and became an employee of a top trading company.

In A.D. 2307, Lyle didn't know Neil was a member of Celestial Being. He was not even informed about his brother's death during the United Nation's Operation Fallen Angels in A.D. 2308. After death, Neil has left to Lyle his Lancia Rally 037.


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