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    Khan is a character from Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars.

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    For the majority of the game, Khan's intentions aren't totally clear to George and Nico. It is discovered that Khan was the 'killer clown' who murdered Plantard during the game's opening sequence, and that he also committed other masked murders prior to the beginning of the game's timeline. The motive is unclear until It is revealed that Khan is a member of the Hashashin cult, the sworn enemies of the Neo-Templars which George and Nico are also fighting. He believes the Neo-Templars are unworthy of carrying the Knights Templar title, hence the reason for his assassinations.
    Khan attempts to kill George in Syria, mistaking him as an ally of the Neo-Templars, but is foiled by a palm-concealed electric buzzer George is wearing when the two shake hands. During the train ride to Scotland, Khan learns that George is out to stop the Neo-Templars. He is killed by Eklund, but the C4 explosives in his possession are later used to destroy the Sword of Baphomet and foil the Neo-Templars' plans.


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