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    Combat Mission: Shock Force - British Forces

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 29, 2009

    The second expansion module for Combat Mission Shock Force featuring the British Armed Forces. The expansion includes a full range of British weaponry, a new campaign, and numerous scenario battles.

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    New Units introduced in the module:

    • British Armored Regiment - armored formation equipped with FV4043 Challenger 2 MBT
    • British Armored Infantry - heavy infantry supported with FV510 Warrior IFV
    • British Mechanized Infantry - medium infantry supported with FV432 Bulldog APC
    • British Light Infantry - light infantry supported with MWMIK Jackal and WMIK Wolf light wheeled fire support vehicles
    • US Army Infantry Brigade Combat Team - light infantry supported with various Humvee-mounted weapon platforms and the armored LMTV transport truck

    New Vehicles and Equipment introduced:

    • FV4043 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (2 variants) – one of the most advanced tanks on the modern battlefield armed with a 120mm rifled gun this vehicle is the back-bone of the British Army
    • FV510 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (4 variants) – highly manoeuvrable and armored with a 30mm autocannon this vehicle is capable of providing both protection and fire support for the 7 dismounted infantry it carries into battle
    • FV432 Bulldog Armored Personnel Carrier (3 variants) – while not a fighting vehicle, this APC is able to provide protection for 10 infantry during transport, as well as light support fire with its machinegun
    • MWMIK Jackal and WMIK Wolf – these light wheeled vehicles armed with a combination of medium and heavy machineguns rely on their agility and speed rather than armor to fulfill their role in reconnaissance, ambush, and close fire support
    • FV107 Scimitar Light Tank (2 variants) – armed with a 30mm autocannon, fast and able to maintain a low profile, it fulfills the Armored Reconnaissance role for Armored and Mech units
    • FV103 Spartan Light Armored Personnel Carrier (2 variants) – armed with a machinegun and capable of transporting 4 passengers, it serves as a low-profile transport for specialist and reconnaissance teams
    • FV105 Sultan Light Armored Personnel Carrier - primarily serves as a Command and Control post with little front-line combat use - included in the module for authenticity and completeness of the formations represented

    Off-map Air and Artillery Support introduced for the British Army:

    • AH Mk1 Apache
    • F2 Typhoon
    • GR4 Tornado
    • GR9 Harrier
    • L16A2 81mm Mortar
    • L118 105mm Light Gun
    • AS90 155mm Self-propelled Gun

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