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    Fallout Shelter

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 14, 2015

    A vault management simulator from Bethesda, set in the Fallout universe.

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    Revealed at the Bethesda press conference at E3 2015, Fallout Shelter is a free to play mobile game that takes place in the Fallout universe. The player takes the role of a Vault's Overseer and is required to manage three resources: power, water, and food. Additionally the Overseer picks vault dwellers to go out and explore the wasteland. While exploring the dwellers will find items to bring back to the vault and gain experience while fighting creatures. If a dweller dies while exploring the wasteland or dealing with an emergency in the vault the player can revive them for a number of caps relative to their level, and all items are retained by the dweller.

    Vault Management

    The player is responsible for micromanaging the NPCs living in the vault. Vault dwellers have individual stats which make them better in specific rooms. If the vault's requirement for a resource is higher than the player can produce there is a penalty applied based on what is needed.

    Building TypeProducesStat UsedPenalty
    Power PlantPowerStrengthRooms furthest from the power plant stop production.
    Water Treatment PlantWaterPerceptionVault dwellers gain radiation poisoning and require treatment.
    CafeteriaFoodAgilityVault dwellers lose a portion of their current hit points.

    Vault Rooms

    There are 20 different rooms, including 7 training rooms, available to build in your vault, each with a specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ability required to run at maximum efficiency.

    Each room can be upgraded to Level 3, allowing for greater production per period. The player also has the ability to merge up to 3 rooms of the same type next to each other, allowing for even greater maximum production.


    Population Requirement: None

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: N/A

    Elevators allow for Vault rooms to be built deeper underground.

    Living Quarters


    Population Requirement: None

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Charisma

    In order to have, and increase, a population of dwellers in the Vault, there must be living quarters to hold them.Once the maximum number of dwellers are occupying a Vault, no more living quarters can be built.


    Tier LevelSingleDoubleTriple

    Power Generator

    Power Plant
    Power Plant

    Population Requirement: None

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength

    Power Generators provide electricity to all rooms in the Vault, allowing them to continue production.


    Upgrade Level1x2x3x
    Power Generator102234
    Power Station122640
    Power Plant153349



    Population Requirement: None

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Agility

    Diners provide food for the dwellers in the Vault, allowing them to regenerate HP to maximum level.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x

    Water Treatment

    Water Treatment Plant
    Water Treatment Plant

    Population Requirement: None

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Perception

    Water Treatment facilities purifying the water supply throughout the vault, filtering out any radiation that could harm the Vault dwellers.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Water Treatment81828
    Water Treatment Station102234
    Water Treatment Plant122640

    Storage Room


    Population Requirement: 12 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Endurance

    Storage rooms add storage capacity of the vault, increasing the number of weapons and outfits that can be held in the vault.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Storage Room102030



    Population Requirement: 14 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Intelligence

    MedBays produce Stimpaks to be used to heal dwellers when inside the Vault or exploring the Wasteland.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x

    Science Lab

    Science Center
    Science Center

    Population Requirement: 16 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Intelligence

    Science Lab rooms produce RadAway packs to cure dwellers of radiation sickness, contracted either through insufficient water supply or when exploring the Wasteland.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Level 1124
    Level 2248
    Science Center3612

    Radio Station

    Broadcast Center
    Broadcast Center

    Population Requirement: 20 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Charisma

    A radio room provides two different services: playing music throughout the vault, increasing the overall happiness of the dwellers, and broadcasting a welcoming signal for dwellers out in the Wasteland to come join the vault.

    Tier Levels
    Radio Studio
    Radio Station
    Broadcast Center

    Weight Room

    Strength Center
    Strength Center

    Population Requirement: 24 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength

    Weight Rooms provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Strength level.

    Tier Levels
    Weight Room
    Strength Center

    Athletics Room

    Athletics Center
    Athletics Center

    Population Requirement: 26 Dwellers

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Agility

    Athletics Rooms provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Agility level.

    Tier Levels
    Athletics Room
    Athletics Studio
    Athletics Center


    Population Requirement: 28

    Weapons Center
    Weapons Center

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Perception

    Armories provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Perception level.

    Tier Levels
    Weapons Station
    Weapons Center



    Population Requirement: 30

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Intelligence

    Classrooms provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Intelligence level.

    Tier Levels

    Fitness Room

    Fitness Center
    Fitness Center

    Population Requirement: 35

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Endurance

    Fitness Rooms provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Endurance level.

    Tier Levels
    Fitness Room
    Fitness Studio
    Fitness Center



    Population Requirement: 40

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Charisma

    Lounges provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Charisma level.

    Tier Levels

    Game Room

    Gaming Center
    Gaming Center

    Population Requirement: 50

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Luck

    Game Rooms provide training areas for dwellers to increase their Luck level.

    Tier Levels
    Game Room
    Gaming Center

    Nuclear Reactor

    Super Reactor
    Super Reactor

    Population Requirement: 60

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Strength

    A nuclear reactor provides more efficient power throughout the Vault, allowing for higher production yield compared to the power generator


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Nuclear Reactor122640
    Advanced Reactor143148
    Super Reactor183859



    Population Requirement: 70

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Agility

    Gardens provide better yielding food production than Diners, while also adding a more floral look to the Vault.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x

    Water Purification

    Population Requirement: 80

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Perception

    Like the Water Treatment Plant, the Water Purification cleans and filters the water supply throughout the Vault.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Water Purification102233
    Purification Station122741
    Super Water Purification153350

    Nuka-Cola Bottler

    Nuka-Cola Plant
    Nuka-Cola Plant

    Population Requirement: 100

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Endurance

    The Nuka-Cola Bottler has the benefit of producing both food and water simultaneously.


    Tier Levels1x2x3x
    Nuka-Cola Bottler102233
    Nuka-Cola Station122741
    Nuka-Cola Plant153350

    Wasteland Exploration

    Exploring the wasteland can bring big rewards.
    Exploring the wasteland can bring big rewards.

    Besides being assigned to rooms inside the vault the player can send dwellers out into the wasteland. Dwellers dragged outside the vault by the player will have their inventory shown. The player can give them specific weapon or armor, as well as Stimpaks and Radaway. The goal of exploration is to find items, caps, and gain experience. The player can recall the dweller to the base at any time, but the return trip is not instantaneous and takes a percentage of the exploration time. While exploring outside the vault most S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats will have some affect on the outcome of the trip, so it is in the player's interest to send higher level dwellers out well equipped.


    In Fallout Shelter, you can acquire different types of weapons either through exploring the Wasteland or by receiving them in lunchboxes that are awarded for completing tasks.



    Rusty .32 Pistol110CommonNormal
    .32 Pistol1-210CommonNormal
    Enhanced .32 Pistol1-310CommonNormal
    Hardened .32 Pistol1-4100RareNormal
    Armor piercing .32 Pistol1-510CommonNormal
    Wild Bill's Pistol1-6500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty 10mm Pistol210CommonNormal
    10mm Pistol2-310CommonNormal
    Enhanced 10mm Pistol2-410CommonNormal
    Hardened 10mm Pistol2-5100RareNormal
    Armor piercing 10mm Pistol2-510CommonNormal
    Lone Wanderer2-710LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Scoped .44310CommonNormal
    Scoped .443-410CommonNormal
    Enhanced Scoped .443-510CommonNormal
    Hardened Scoped .443-610CommonNormal
    Armor piercing Scoped .443-7100RareNormal


    Rusty Assault Rifle8100RareNormal
    Assault Rifle8-9100RareNormal
    Enhanced Assault Rifle8-10100RareNormal
    Hardened Assault Rifle8-11100RareNormal
    Armor Piercing Assault Rifle8-12100RareNormal
    Rusty BB Gun0-110CommonNormal
    BB Gun0-210CommonNormal
    Enhanced BB Gun0-4100RareNormal
    Hardened BB Gun0-4100RareNormal
    Armor Piercing BB Gun0-5100RareNormal
    Red Rocket0-6500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Hunting Rifle510CommonNormal
    Hunting Rifle5-610CommonNormal
    Enhanced Hunting Rifle5-710CommonNormal
    Hardened Hunting Rifle5-8100RareNormal
    Armor Piercing Hunting Rifle5-9100RareNormal
    Ol' Painless5-10500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Lever-Action Rifle410CommonNormal
    Lever-Action Rifle4-510CommonNormal
    Enhanced Lever-Action Rifle4-610CommonNormal
    Hardened Lever-Action Rifle4-7100RareNormal
    Armor Piercing Lever-Action Rifle4-8100RareNormal
    Lincoln's Repeater4-9500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Railway Rifle14100RareNormal
    Railway Rifle14-15100RareNormal
    Enhanced Railway Rifle14-16100RareNormal
    Hardened Railway Rifle14-17500LegendaryNormal
    Accelerated Railway Rifle14-18500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Sniper Rifle10100RareNormal
    Sniper Rifle10-11100RareNormal
    Enhanced Sniper Rifle10-12100RareNormal
    Hardened Sniper Rifle10-13100RareNormal
    Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle10-14100RareNormal
    Victory Rifle10-15500LegendaryNormal


    Rusty Shotgun9100RareNormal
    Enhanced Shotgun9-11100RareNormal
    Harden Shotgun9-12100RareNormal
    Double-Barrel Shotgun9-13100RareNormal
    Farmer's Daughter9-14500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Combat Shotgun13100RareNormal
    Combat Shotgun13-14100RareNormal
    Enhanced Combat Shotgun13-15100RareNormal
    Hardened Combat Shotgun13-16100RareNormal
    Double-Barrel Combat Shotgun13-17500LegendaryNormal

    Charon's Shotgun

    Rusty Sawed-Off Shotgun610CommonNormal
    Sawed-Off Shotgun6-710CommonNormal
    Enhanced Sawed-Off Shotgun6-810CommonNormal
    Hardened Sawed-Off Shotgun6-9100RareNormal
    Double-Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun6-10100RareNormal

    Energy Weapons


    Rusty Alien Blaster18500LegendaryPlasma
    Alien Blaster18-19500LegendaryPlasma
    Tuned Alien Blaster18-20500LegendaryPlasma
    Focused Alien Blaster18-21500LegendaryPlasma
    Amplified Alien Blaster18-22500LegendaryPlasma
    Rusty Laser Pistol710CommonLaser
    Laser Pistol7-8100RareLaser
    Tuned Laser Pistol7-9100RareLaser
    Focused Laser Pistol7-10100RareLaser
    Amplified Laser Pistol7-11100RareLaser
    Smuggler's End7-12500LegendaryLaser
    Rusty Plasma Pistol11100RarePlasma
    Plasma Pistol11-12100RarePlasma
    Tuned Plasma Pistol11-13100RarePlasma
    Focused Plasma Pistol11-14100RarePlasma
    Amplified Plasma Pistol11-15500LegendaryPlasma
    MPXL Novasurge11-16500LegendaryPlasma


    Rusty Gauss Rifle16100Rare--
    Gauss Rifle16-17100Rare--
    Enhanced Gauss Rifle16-18500Legendary--
    Hardened Gauss Rifle16-19500Legendary--
    Accelerated Gauss Rifle16-20500Legendary--
    Magentron 400016-21500Legendary--
    Laser Musket10-13500LegendaryLaser
    Rusty Laser Rifle12100RareLaser
    Laser Rifle12-13100RareLaser
    Tuned Laser Rifle12-14100RareLaser
    Focused Laser Rifle12-15100RareLaser
    Amplified Laser Rifle12-16500LegendaryLaser
    Wazer Rifle12-17500LegendaryLaser
    Rusty Plasma Rifle17100RarePlasma
    Plasma Rifle17-18100RarePlasma
    Tuned Plasma Rifle17-19500LegendaryPlasma
    Focused Plasma Rifle17-20500LegendaryPlasma
    Amplified Plasma Rifle17-22500LegendaryPlasma
    Mean Green Monster17-23500LegendaryPlasma

    Heavy Weapons

    Rusty Fat Man22500Legendary--
    Fat Man22-23500Legendary--
    Enhanced Fat Man22-24500Legendary--
    Hardened Fat Man22-25500Legendary--
    Guided Fat Man22-26500Legendary--
    Rusty Flamer15100Rare--
    Enhanced Flamer15-17100Rare--
    Hardened Flamer15-18100Rare--
    Pressurized Flamer15-19100Rare--
    Rusty Gatling Laser21500LegendaryLaser
    Gatling Laser21-22500LegendaryLaser
    Tuned Gatling Laser21-23500LegendaryLaser
    Focused Gatling Laser21-24500LegendaryLaser
    Amplified Gatling Laser21-25500LegendaryLaser
    Rusty Minigun19500LegendaryNormal
    Enhanced Minigun19-21500LegendaryNormal
    Hardened Minigun19-22500LegendaryNormal
    Armor Piercing Minigun19-23500LegendaryNormal
    Lead Belcher19-24500LegendaryNormal
    Rusty Missile Launcher20500Legendary--
    Missile Launcher20-21500Legendary--
    Enhanced Missile Launcher20-22500Legendary--
    Hardened Missile Launcher20-23500Legendary--
    Guided Missile Launcher20-24500Legendary--
    Miss Launcher20-25500Legendary--


    You can dress your dwellers in different outfits that will increase certain S.P.E.C.I.A.L. levels. Outfits can be found by exploring the Wasteland or being awarded them through lunchbox cards.

    Outfits have three rarity levels - Common, Rare, and Legendary - which is related to their value and the level of stat increases that they provide.

    Advanced JumpsuitRare100-----+5-
    Advanced Lab CoatRare100----+5--
    Advanced Radiation SuitRare100-+2+3----
    Armored Vault SuitCommon10-+3-----
    Autumn's UniformLegendary500+2+2+2+1---
    Battle ArmorCommon10+2-+1----
    Bittercup's OutfitLegendary500+2+2+2+1---
    Clergy OutfitRare100---+4--+1
    Combat ArmorCommon10+2----+1-
    Comedian OutfitRare100-+2-+2--+1
    Commander FatiguesLegendary500+7------
    Commander UniformLegendary500---+3+4--
    Confessor Cromwell's RagsLegendary500-+2+2+1-+2-
    Elder RobeLegendary500---+4-+3-
    Engineer OutfitRare100--+2-+2-+1
    Eulogy Jones' OutfitLegendary500-+2-+2+1-+2
    Expert JumpsuitLegendary500-----+7-
    Expert Lab CoatLegendary500----+7--
    Expert Radiation SuitLegendary500-+3+4----
    Fancy Formal WearRare100------+5
    Formal WearCommon10------+3
    Greaser OutfitRare100---+2-+2+1
    Handyman JumpsuitCommon10-----+3-
    Heavy Battle ArmorLegendary500+4-+3----
    Heavy Combat ArmorLegendary500+4----+-
    Heavy Leather ArmorLegendary500+3-+4----
    Heavy Merc GearLegendary500-+2---+3+2
    Heavy Raider ArmorLegendary500-+3---+4-
    Heavy Vault SuitLegendary500-+7-----
    Heavy Wasteland GearLegendary500--+7----
    Horror Fan OutfitRare100--+4---+1
    Initiate RobeCommon10---+2-+1-
    Junior Officer UniformCommon10---+2-+1-
    Knight ArmorRare100+2+2-----
    Leather armorCommon10+1-+2----
    Lab CoatCommon10----+3--
    Librarian OutfitRare100----+4-+1
    Lucky Formal WearLegendary500------+7
    Lucky NightwearLegendary500---+7---
    Mayor OutfitRare100---+2+2-+1
    Medieval Ruler OutfitRare100-+2-+2--+1
    Merc GearCommon10-+1---+1+1
    Military FatiguesCommon10+3------
    Minuteman UniformLegendary500+2+2--+2+2-
    Movie Fan OutfitRare100-+4----+1
    Naughty NightwearRare100---+5---
    Ninja OutfitRare100-----+4+1
    Nobility OutfitRare100--+2-+2-+1
    Officer FatiguesRare100+5------
    Officer UniformRare100---+2+3--
    Professor OutfitRare100----+4-+1
    Radiation SuitCommon10-+1+2----
    Raider ArmorCommon10-+1---+2-
    Republic RobesRare100-+---+2+2
    Sci-Fi Fan OutfitRare100----+2+2+1
    Scribe RobeRare100---+3-+2-
    Scribe Rothchild's RobeLegendary500-+2+1+2+2--
    Sherrif's DusterLegendary500-+2+5----
    Soldier UniformRare100+2-+2---+1
    Sports Fan OutfitRare100+4-----+1
    Sturdy Battle ArmorRare100+3-+2----
    Sturdy Combat ArmorRare100+3----+2-
    Sturdy Leather ArmorRare100+2-+3----
    Sturdy Merc GearRare100-+1---+2+2
    Sturdy Raider ArmorRare100-+2---+3-
    Sturdy Vault SuitRare100-+5-----
    Sturdy Wasteland GearRare100--+5----
    Surgeon OutfitRare100-+2---+2+1
    Survivor ArmorRare100+2----+2+1
    T-45a Power ArmorLegendary500+2+3-----
    T-45d Power ArmorLegendary500+2+4-----
    T-45f Power ArmorLegendary500+2+5-----
    T-51a Power ArmorLegendary500+3+1-----
    T-51d Power ArmorLegendary500+3+2-----
    T-51f Power ArmorLegendary500+2+5-----
    T-60a Power ArmorLegendary500+2-+3----
    T-60d Power ArmorLegendary500+2-+4----
    T-60f Power ArmorLegendary500+1+1+5----
    Tenpenny's SuitLegendary500-+2-+2+2-+1
    Three Dog's OutfitLegendary500-+2-+5---
    Tunnel Snake's OutfitLegendary500-+2+1+2-+2-
    Wasteland DoctorRare100-+3----+2
    Wasteland GearCommon10--+3----
    Wasteland MedicCommon10-+2----+1
    Wasteland SurgeonLegendary500-+4----+3
    Wrestler OutfitRare100+2-+2---+1
    X-01 Mk I Power ArmorLegendary500+3+1+1----
    X-01 Mk IV Power ArmorLegendary500+4+1+1----
    X-01 Mk VI Power ArmorLegendary500+5+1+1----

    Special Characters

    Outside of your current and potential Vault dwellers, as well as the occasional raiders, there are 21 unique legendary characters who can join your vault, all of whom have been characters in previous Fallout games.

    These characters can show up either randomly from the Wasteland when you broadcast from a radio room in your Vault, or through opening lunchboxes that you have been awarded trough completing quests. While each character comes with their own unique set of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, each of their sets has a total sum of 40 stats.

    Abraham Washington2866846
    Allistair Tenpenny2929729
    Colonel Autumn4659556
    Dr. Li4667944
    Elder Lyons4339939
    Eulogy Jones5658547
    Lucas Simms5985652
    Moira Brown4838755
    Mr. Burke4746928
    Preston Garvey3986563
    Sarah Lyons8686552
    Scribe Rothchild6569455
    Star Paladin Cross7848463
    Three Dog4469557


    Fallout Shelter requires iOS 7.0+ and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus


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