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    Allistair Tenpenny

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Owner of Tenpenny Tower.

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    Alistair Tenpenny is a very corrupt and evil old man in Fallout 3. He discovered a tower in the Capital Wasteland and named it after himself, and then with hired help restored it to a livable state, allowing both he and his fellow residents to live in relative luxury. He's very laid back, opting to have others such as his associate Mr. Burke do his dirty work for him. Tenpenny wanted the town of Megaton wiped off of the map due to the fact that it obscured his view from the tower. He has also gained quite a bit of disrespect among ghouls for making his tower "anti-zombie." If the player kills Tenpenny, an accumulation of Good Karma will result.

    Of interesting note is that if the player kills Tenpenny when he's on his balcony, neither the guards nor the citizens will react. Only Mr. Burke will aid him, but only if he is also on the balcony when the player kills Tenpenny.

    Alistair Tenpenny Mission Appearances

    • The Power of the Atom
    • Tenpenny Tower
    • You Gotta Shoot 'Em in The Head

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