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    Mister Burke

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    Mister Burke is a character who appears in Fallout 3. He is a footman for Alistair Tenpenny who offers the player a direct role in the destruction of Megaton.

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    Mister Burke is a shady character in Fallout 3. The player first encounters him in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton. He asks the player to arm and activate the atomic bomb the town is named after, as per the request of Alistair Tenpenny, owner of Tenpenny Tower. If the player arms the bomb, Burke will invite the player to Tenpenny Tower for the next stage of his mission.

    At Tenpenny Tower, the player can meet with Mr. Burke as well as Alistair Tenpenny himself on the penthouse balcony. Burke will present the player with the detonator to the atomic bomb in Megaton, at which point the player can activate it. Should the bomb detonate, Megaton will be destroyed, most of its residents will die, any unfinished Megaton quests will become unavailable for completion, and the player is awarded with a large amount of negative karma.

    If, instead of arming the bomb, the player chooses to report Burke to Lucas Simms, the mayor and sheriff of Megaton, Burke will shoot and kill Simms unless the player takes Burke out first. If the player character is female and has the Black Widow perk, she can also coerce Burke into abandoning his mission and leaving Megaton via a dialogue option.

    Mr. Burke Missions

    • The Power of the Atom

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