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    James is the father of the Vault 101 Dweller. The whole plot of Fallout 3 revolves around him and his mysterious disappearance.

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    James is the player character's father in Fallout 3 and is voiced by Liam Neeson. While there is no surname given, his appearance is set so that there is a family resemblance. At the start of the game, when the player is born, he is the first person the player interacts with and during the rest of the tutorial segment of the game, he acts as a very supportive father. Presumably to take the role of both parents following the death of his wife and the player's mother, Catherine. However, the game really begins when James flees from Vault 101 with no apparant motive. This goes against the wishes of The Overseer who now wants both him and the player dead, leaving little option but for the player's character to flee also.

    Upon leaving Vault 101, James travels to the nearby settlement of Megaton, presumably to gather supplies and rest before continuing on his trek to the Jefferson Memorial, where he was working on Project Purity, a project which was set up with the goal of being able to purify gallons and gallons of the irradiated water en masse thus giving the survivors of the titular fallout access to clean water. However, the project never came to fruition as following the death of Catherine, James lost interest in pursuing the seemingly unattainable goal and instead spent his time as a full time parent to the player in Vault 101.

    Now realising his dream could be a reality if he could get his hands on a G.E.C.K., James travels to Vault 112 believing there to be one stored but runs into trouble when he gets locked inside a simulated world while trying to contact Dr. Braum. Once he is saved by the player, James discovers the G.E.C.K. is in Vault 87 and travels back to Rivet City to inform Dr. Li, a contact of his who he worked alongside on Project Purity before the player was born, of his progess. Together, they travel to the Jefferson Memorial and restart the program. However, before anything can really get underway, Enclave troops storm the facility and trap James in the control room. Believing it for the best to sacrifice himself rather than hand over the secrets of the project, James floods the chamber with radiation killing himself along with the besieging troops.


    • The Waters of Life

    Other Mission Appearances

    • Baby Steps
    • Growing up Fast
    • Future Imperfect
    • Tranquility Lane

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