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    President John Henry Eden

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    John Henry Eden is President of the United States and the Enclave in Fallout 3. Other than the radio reports on Enclave Radio, very little is known about him.

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    President John Henry Eden is, in fact, revealed to be a supercomputer towards the latter end of Fallout 3. He is based on the ZAX supercomputer that was designed for West Tek. He became self-aware sometime after the great nuclear attacks and eventually would become an advisor to President Richardson of the Enclave. During that time, he learned about all of America's history and developed a fascination with past U.S. presidents. After the death of Richardson, he assumed control of The Enclave with the help of Colonel Autumn. Eden commanded Autumn to move The Enclave's efforts to the East Coast where they eeked out a stronghold in the Raven Rock facility.

    The only person who knew of Eden's true identity was Colonel Autumn.

    Eden has a particularly upbeat, patriotic and jingoistic nature, displayed mostly through his speeches about turning America around, despite the fact that the country has been decimated by nuclear war. He even goes so far as to say that the player's outlook is too bleak, should the player insinuate that the Wastelands are a lost cause. This personality is reverse to his true nature, a machine that plans on purifying the wastes of pretty much all life.

    In The Game

    John Henry Eden is first introduced to the player on the Enclave radio station on their PIPBoy. Throughout the game, The Lone Wanderer can tune into the channel to hear one of President Eden's stirring speeches about the good ol' days of America, and how The Enclave will bring it back. During these speeches, Eden refers to his life as child and playing with a dog, or playing a game of baseball. A wary player would take this to realize something is wrong with Eden, since that kind of lifestyle wouldn't have been available for over 200 years.

    When The Lone Wanderer finally meets President Eden, and the big reveal of him being a computer is out of the way, the discussion then comes to Eden's plan to purify the Wasteland. To do this, he wants The Wanderer to use Project Purity to expose a modified strain of the FEV into the waterways of the Capital Wasteland, destroying everything with the slightest mutation... in other words, every living thing in the wastes.

    The player has three options to get through this situation. He can comply with Eden's decision and simply leave, he can murder Eden with a self-destruct code, or, similar to The Master, he can convince Eden that the plan won't work and that he needs to self-destruct. Upon choosing the third option, the Raven Rock facility will explode and scatter the Enclave forces. 
    He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell.

    Famous Speech (Broadcast)

    Hello, my beautiful America. This is President Eden, and it's time we had a talk. It's time we discussed something rather important. The issue at hand is, well, my presidency. The question has been raised, I know, as to just how I came to be elected to this most illustrious office. Or whether or not I had been elected at all. To that I must answer; of course. Of course I was elected, sweet America, of course. Isn't the right to vote the very foundation of a democracy? Unfortunately, in the interest of national security, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the election, you understand. But rest assured, I am your president because the appropriate people of this great nation decided I should be. I am your duly elected representative. Of course, when the time comes, when my term is up, America will be free to elect a new president. And that person will have our full faith and confidence, and carry our collective values forward into the future. Democracy, dear America. Democracy now, and forever. We've got to part now, you and I, but don't be sad America. The Enclave is working tirelessly, to rebuild this great nation, so you don't have to. Until we meet again, this is John Henry Eden, signing off.


    • "the Enclave is you, America. The Enclave is your sister, your aunt, your friend, your, your neighbor. And well yes, the Enclave is me as well"
    • "as your president, I am the voice, I am the heart, and soul of the Enclave"
    • "What if the Capital Congressmen could live again? What if they could compete with baseball teams from Pennsylvania or Maryland? Put your faith in John Henry Eden, great America, and baseball will live again"
    • "Don't you deserve a future free of war, and fear, and terrible uncertainty? Of course you do. As President of the United States, you have my solemn pledge. That I will never rest, never rest, until we have we have what we deserve. A place to truly call… Home"
    • "When I was a child, growing up in rural Kentucky, I had the best friend a boy could hope for. My dear old dog, Honey. Oh ho ho, the adventures we had. From Knob Creek to Hodgenville we roamed, carefree and courageous. Irresponsible, and completely inseparable. It was, for a little boy, the perfect existence. So, let me ask you America. How many of your children can say the same? How many of this nation's youth are truly happy, truly carefree? Well, we both know the answer, don't we? None"
    • "Sweet America, hello again, this is President Eden. I'd like to have a chat. You're thirsty, aren't you America? Not for knowledge, or power, no, I'm not speaking metaphorically. You're thirsty for clean, fresh water"
    • "I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge: No one, No one will take this great nation away from me! God Bless the Enclave. God Bless America."
    • "The so called Brotherhood of Steel. Don't be fooled by their pseudo-knightly nonsense or supposed connections to the United States Army. These power armored Boy Scouts are nothing more than common criminals with access to some antiquated technology. Criminals, who have had the audacity to claim this country's most important military installation, the Pentagon, as their own personal club house. And don't be fooled America, those who have left the Brotherhood of Steel, branded Outcasts, are just as dangerous. Even more so, being in exile"

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