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    Three Dog

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    "Cause one dog ain't enough, and two is too low, it's me, Three Dog!"

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    Three Dog is the DJ for Galaxy News Radio during the events of Fallout 3, unless the player's actions dictate otherwise. He plays a variety of classic tunes, and occasionally interjects with commentary on what's going on in the Capital Wasteland, and, as the player progresses through the game, updates on the results of various quests and karmic level.

    He becomes entangled with the main quest after he announces on air that he has talked with James, the protagonist's missing father, and thus becomes the target of the quest "Galaxy News Radio". When confronted, Three Dog admits that he did talk to James, and knows where he went too, but requests a favor from the Lone Wanderer in exchange for the information; replacement of the broken Satellite Dish used to broadcast GNR's signal. This quest can be skipped through a successful speech check, but doing so means the radio will never be fully functional, and can only be listened to when very close to Washington D.C.

    If you kill Three Dog, he is replaced by an elderly woman (who you never see) who only has a few lines in between songs.

    Three Dog is voiced by Erik Dellums.

    Three Dog Missions

    • Galaxy News Radio
    • Scientific Pursuits


    The songs played over Galaxy News Radio are:

    "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire" by The Ink Spots

    "Maybe" by The Ink Spots

    "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" by Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots

    "Way Back Home" by Bob Crosby and The Bobcats

    "Happy Times" by Bob Crosby and The Bobcats

    "Butcher Pete, Pt. 1" by Roy Brown

    "I'm a Mighty, Mighty Man" by Roy Brown

    "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter

    "Swing Doors" by Allan Gray

    "Civilization" by Danny Kaye and The Andrews Sisters

    "A Wonderful Guy" by Tex Beneke

    "Jolly Days" by Gerhard Trede

    "Fox Boogie" by Gerhard Trede

    "Rhythm for You" by Eddy Christiani and Frans Poptie

    "Let's Go Sunning" by Jack Shaindlin

    "I'm Tickled Pink" by Jack Shaindlin

    "Crazy, He Calls Me" by Billie Holiday

    "Easy Living" by Billie Holiday

    "Boogie Man" by Sid Phillips

    "Jazzy Interlude" by Billy Munn


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