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    Vault 101

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    Vault 101 is a fallout shelter located near the East Coast, in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. This is where the protagonist of Fallout 3 was born and spent his/her childhood.

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    Vault 101 is where you begin the game of Fallout 3. You first see Vault 101 when you, the " Vault Dweller" as you'll later be known as, is born. When you're born your father, James, sees what you will look like when you are grown up. Here is where you get to pick what you will look like. What color your skin will

    Yes, you are special.
    Yes, you are special.

    be, hair color among other things. Once you do that your mother dies, from complications with childbirth. It jumps forward a couple of years, and you're in a play pen. Here you learn to walk and look around. You'll be asked to go to a toy bin and get a book titled "You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L". That book is used to give your character stats, which can not be changed after you set it (although you're given a single opportunity the moment you leave the vault). After you set your stats it will again jump forward to your 10th birthday party. Here you get a chance to meet all of the residents of Vault 101, the more important ones are The Overseer, Amata, Butch and Jonas. The Overseer will give you a

    Pip-Boy 3000
    Pip-Boy 3000

    Pip-Boy 3000, which comes in handy in the game. After your party you get to go and meet Jonas down in the lower part of the Vault. Here you learn how to use V.A.T.S, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. That is where you can stop time and aim at any part of the enemies body. After that Jonas takes a picture with you and your dad. The game again flashes forward to Amata waking you up and telling you that your dad has left. This is a big deal because no one has ever left a vault. This infuriates The Overseer and he goes after everyone who James was close to, even you. He kills Jonas and you get the opportunity to talk to The Overseer. This is really the first time you get to use your negotiation skills. You can either get him to let you go or, kill him, either way it leads to you getting to the outside and that's when your adventure begins.

    Notable Characters

    • Father - Starts the main quest prompting you to leave the Vault.
    • Amata - Your best friend. Helps you by showing you how to escape the vault.
    • Butch - The vault bully. You have a couple of encounters with him in the vault which affect Karma ratings.
    • Jonas - Your father's work partner. Fixes a BB Gun with your father to give you for your 10th birthday.
    • The Overseer - The leader of the vault. Gives you your Pip-Boy on your 10th birthday. Also tries to hunt you down while escaping the Vault.

    Vault 101 Missions

    • Baby Steps
    • Growing up Fast
    • Future Imperfect
    • Escape
    • Trouble on The Homefront

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