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    Experimental MIRV

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    The Experimental MIRV is a unique tactical nuclear catapult in Fallout 3. It can launch eight Mini Nukes at once.

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    Obtaining The Weapon

    The following text details how to get the Experimental MIRV, as it says in the Fallout 3 Megaguide:

    The Experimental MIRV is a special version of the Fat Man that shoots 8 nukes at one time. No, I'm not even kidding. . It's located in the National Guard DepotTo get it, however, you must obtain all of the Keller Family Transcripts located throughout the Wasteland. They aren't that hard to find.

    1. Travel to the VAPL-58 Power Station. Inside of it, there's a mini nuke on one of the lights. Why? I don't know. Anyway, head north and follow the power lines. Eventually you'll reach a tower with boards all around it. The first KFT is in there. All of the tapes are from the brother in the family, and this one explains how they are going to try and get into one of the Vaults to "ride the storm out", and if that doesn't work, they have a backup plan, which is the National Guard Depot. Cha ching!

    *I've recently learned that this tape
    is not required for entry to the armory bunker where the MIRV is. However, there is some vaulable loot at this one's location, so get it anyway.

    2. Travel to the Hollowed Moors Cemetary (north of Big Town) and enter the church. Expect some resistance if you haven't been here before. There's also a captive here. Anyway, the KFT is inside on top of the podium. You can't miss it. This KFT is from a girl in the family named Tina. She heard from her sister Candace that they couldn't get into any of the Vaults because they were full. However, the brother, Alex (who sent the first transcript) managed to secure the password to an Army bunker and sent each person in the family one of the digits so they would have to be together to get inside. The first digit it "5".

    3. Travel to Grisly Diner and head inside. Go out the back and you'll find the KFT on a desk. If you haven't been to Grisly Diner before, prepare to take some damage. The place is littered with traps, hence the name, and Raiders usually attack you when you enter. This KFT is a short one. It's from Candace to the Mom. She can see the mushroom, and says it's "so big". She heads off to one of the Vaults, but not before revealing that her number is "7".

    4. Travel to Rockbreaker's Last Gas and look west. There should be a shack on top of the large cliff. Inside is the KFT, as well as the Victory Rifle if you have 100 lockpicking or Dogmeat. This KFT is from the father to the son, Ralphie. They can't get into the Vault without him, so he demands he gets his ass over there. His digit is "4".

    5. Your last KFT is North across the river from the Anchorage Memorial. There's an flipped truck and some tents. If this is your first time visiting, there will Super Mutants, Centaurs, and a Wasteland Captive. The KFT is inside one of the tents. This one is from Ralphie. He doesn't care at all for the family. He refuses to go in a Vault, saying he doesn't want to spend "nuclear Armageddon trapped with him in a fucking closet". The "him" is the father. He gives the family his number, which is "6", and leaves to walk into a mushroom. His last words are: "Have a happy Holocaust!" What a nice kid.

    Now that you've secured all of the KFT's, it's time to head to the National Guard Depot. Once inside, you will need to get into the Armor by pulling a switch. The location of the switch can be hard the find.* Once your inside, go down the stairs after hitting the switch. You should enter the mother of all supply rooms. There's tons of usefull stuff here, such as armor, ammo, weapons, Chems, and even a Missle Launcher. Hey, what's that on the shelf? Oh, it's a Bobblehead!

    Locate the large metal door in the room. Go to the computer and open it using the KFT's. The door should open. Head inside and follow the pathway. You should encounter a Glowing One in here. This is probably the Father, as he often went out in search of supplies. Everyone else in the family died. You should find the Expiremental MIRV on a table with five mini nukes. Congratualtions! You've secured the most powerful weapon in the game!

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