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I am looking for a level 50 shock ruthless topneaa. Will trade any 5 items off the list below for it Assault rifles: Onslaught veruc Onslaught veruc (fire) Attack veruc (slag) Breach veruc Breach veruc (corrosive) Deep veruc (Shock) Deep veruc Feral veruc Severe shredifier Resolute shredifier (fire) Rabid shredifier (fire) Rabid shredifier (corrosive) Slippery Kerblaster Pistols: Burning infinity (fire) Discharge infinity (shock) Unending infinity (shock) Righteous infinity (shock) Dva infinity (corrosive) Purging infinity (corrosive) Caustic infinity (corrosive) Two fer maggie Dastardly maggie Binary thunderball fists Loaded hornet Stiff unkempt harold Super gunerang (shock) Super gunerang Dependable gunerang Launchers: Partisian mongol Rugged mongol Turbulent mongol (fire) Plenteous pyrophobia Pertinent pyrophobia Punitary norfleet (fire) Shotguns: Practicable conference call (All elements) Critical conference call (slag) Swiss deliverance Swiss deliverance (slag) Swiss deliverance (corrosive) Basic deliverance (fire) Basic deliverance (shock) New and improved deliverance (corrosive) New and improved deliverance (fire) Sub machine guns: Deft emperor Murduring slagga Acuminous hellfire Lucid hellfire Perma sharp babymaker Perma sharp babymaker (corrosive) Guaranteed babymaker (fire) Brisk babymaker Proactive bitch (corrosive) Amp sandhawk (slag) Bladed sandhawk Snipers: Tumtum skullmasher Dandy volcano Pacifying pitchfork (shock) Liquid pitchfork (slag) Britva white death (slag) Zammerchat white death (shock) Razrez white death (corrosive) Etech: Skewering blaster (shock) Feral blaster (slag) Attack blaster (fire) Attack blaster (corrosive) Nasty blaster (corrosive) Taktical blasster (corrosive) Taktikal blasster (shock) Nifed blasster (corrosive) Tactical dahlminator (corrosive) Win win dart Dynamic dart Maximized dart Resolute dart (fire) Two for one spiker (shock) Dynamic spiker (shock) Dubble spiker (fire) Workers topneaa (corrosive) Paritisan topneaa (shock) Poissant pbfg (shock) Quik loadeder splasher blaster (slag) Sketer splasher blaster (fire) Sketer splasher blaster (shock) Critikal hit splasher splasher blaster (fire) Redy stedy splasher blaster (corrosive) Scalable slowhand (corrosive) Social slowhand (shock) Social splatgun (corrosive) Refill plasma caster (slag) Refill plasma caster (fire) Guarenteed plasma caster (shock) Murduring plasma caster (corrosive) Murduring plasma caster (slag) Stoic plasma caster (fire) Skirmish plasma caster (corrosive) Skirmish plasma caster (shock) Analytical plasma caster (corrosive) Proactive plasma caster (corrosive) Flying plasma caster (fire) Deft plasma caster (shock) Stopping plasma caster (slag) Auditing hybridification (fire) Contingent hybridification (fire) Longitudinual hybridification (corrosive) Fashionable railer (fire) Pacyifying railer (corrosive) Operational railer (corrosive) Night railer (corrosive) Relics: Blood of the seraphs Might of the seraphs Blood of terramorphous Shotgun damage 30% Shotgun max ammo 70% Hyperion dmg 30% / reload 40% Maliwan dmg 30% / reload 40% Sheriffs badge Heads: Assassin unreality Commando medic mantis Mechromancer xxx Mechromancer digitilized death Siren metal fear Siren Admiral asskick Siren cold steel Shields: Evolution Hoplite Neogenator Flame of the firehawk Inflammable flame of the firehawk Black hole The cradle Grounded whisky tango foxtrot Whisky tango foxtrot Deadly bloom Order

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#2 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Man that list needs organizing. Also, there's already a trading thread for Borderlands 2.

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#3 Posted by xolare (1355 posts) -

You trying to rebuild the Berlin wall with text or something?

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#4 Posted by Reventon64 (4 posts) -

Ya sorry i didnt know it would come out like that

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#5 Posted by pweidman (2590 posts) -

LOL.... never heard of that weapon sorry. Maybe can answer or make some sense of that post. That and check the trade thread I guess.

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