What order to do DLC?

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Hey guys, I bought Borderlands GOTY Edition and i'm playing through it again but i've not played through any of the DLC, just wondering which would be best to play through first? WHich would be most benificial or most fun? 
EDIT: Can I just jump into any of the DLC and do well or are the enemies leveled too high for a low leveled player?

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The first time I tried Dr. Zed, I got my ass handed to me. It is outrageously hard unless you are the correct level, though I don't remember what it is. Moxxi is probably the worst, and you can kinda judge for yourself how much time you want to spend with it, so I'd say start there. I haven't tried clap trap yet, but it sounds like it wraps things up a bit, so maybe end there.

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Dr. Zed is not hard. 
Start with  

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Dr. Ned is not hard. But you just need to make a baseline level for it. I wouldn't even think of starting DLC until I'm around Lv12. I went into Ned at 16, and it was fine. Enemies hit a bit hard, but it was perfectly alright. 
Don't even bother with Moxxi. It's a pointless grindfest and you don't even reap EXP, just the potential of getting a skill point. Not worth upwards of 5 hours to get (while grinding with a pittance character and a Lv61). 
Knoxx was alright, but don't think about running it SP. It's impossible in that context. 
Claptrap I haven't bought yet.

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I did them the order they came out in. So that.. I guess

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@Aus_azn said:
  Knoxx was alright, but don't think about running it SP. It's impossible in that context.      
I've done it with Siren/50 and Hunter/54.  It was challenging but not frustrating with the right "tools": think Corrosive, think Maliwan! 
As per the original question, I've only gone through Ned once and I had ran the eridian promitory 2-3 times for some levels before going in.  That made it too easy.  
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Knoxx was not too hard 
 You should do 
and maybe after that Moxxi 
Also is the level patch out on 360 finaly?

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Thanks guys, I'll do that then :)

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I still think many people don't get the point of the Moxxi DLC.

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@EveretteScott said:
" I still think many people don't get the point of the Moxxi DLC. "
What is the point of Moxxi DLC?

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