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    Living on Yo'ster Island Boshi has one passion: Racing. He is the undefeated Yo'ster Island Champion. And will not accept a challenge unless you have cookies.

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    Boshi's Story

    Boshi has one bad attitude, he's Yoshi's rival, a loner, and spends all his time at the Mushroom Derby races.

    One day, Boshi managed to defeat every other Yoshi in a race and became the champion of the Mushroom Derby and then declared himself the boss of all the Yoshis. Under his rule all races were cancelled, and only Boshi himself was allowed to race on the race track. None of the Yoshi's enjoy Boshi's rule, but feel obligated to allow his rule because he is the champion.

    During the events of Super Mario RPG, Mario visits Yoshi's island and through the use of bribery with Yoshi cookies wagers a race against Boshi. Mario races upon Yoshi's back and the race is close but Yoshi and Mario win and Yoshi is declared the new champion of the Mushroom Derby, ending Boshi's reign.

    Boshi Trivia

    • Boshi only speaks the Yoshi language and needs the bilingual Yoshi to translate.
    • In Japan, Boshi's name is Washi which is portmanteau of "warui" (bad) and Yoshi, similar to how Wario and Waluigi's names were derived.

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