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    Bubble Ghost

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released November 1990

    A puzzle game for home computers and Game Boy where a ghost must blow a solitary, fragile bubble around a mansion full of traps.

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    Bubble Ghost is a puzzle game first released on the Atari ST by French developer Christophe Andreani. It was first published by ERE Informatique in its home country before being localized for the rest of Europe and North America by Infogrames (which would also absorb ERE Informatique) for various other home computers, like the C64, DOS and Commodore Amiga. It would also be adapted for the Nintendo Game Boy by Japanese developers Opera House the following year, which was released worldwide by FCI (Europe/NA) and Pony Canyon (Japan).

    The goal of the game is to escort a bubble from one side of the screen to the other. The player, as a ghost, is able to float around to any side of the bubble and blow at it to move it around the mansion. The ghost cannot interact with any other objects, except to blow on them; for instance, it can blow out a candle that would otherwise pop the bubble with its heat. By navigating the bubble around all the traps on the screen, some of which work unexpectedly, the player can move ahead. If the bubble pops, the ghost gives the player an angry look and they lose a life.

    The Game Boy port was scored by future prominent video game composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. It was his first solo project.


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