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Burnout Paradise Is a Fantastic Game that Dose Not Disapoint

Burnout is an arcade racing game. I just wanted to get that out of the way to people that like really realistic racing Grand Turismo type games. If you like really realistic racing sims and nothing else you will not like this. Now that that’s out of the way I would like to say that Burnout Paradise is probably my favorite racing game. I love arcade racers and this game doesn’t disappoint. In Burnout you race at ridiculously fast speeds and commit the most brutal crashes in a video game

            The lets you ride free through city and it’s all available from the very start of the game. There are many different modes in the game including traditional races, Burning Route(which you have to get from one part of the city to another in limited time), Road Rage(which you have to get a set number of take downs before you get taken down), Marked Man(there are black cars trying to take you down while you have to go to a set place on the map) and finally Stunt Run(there is a score you have to reach in a set amount of time by doing tricks). The last two listed there are new.

            Traveling around city between missions is really fun and the games gorgeous graphics make it even more enjoyable. There is some much stuff to do in the game it can often be over whelming. There are new areas to explore, billboards to smash, fences to break and much more. One cool thing that is in the game that I think is really cool is that sometimes after unlocking a car they won’t let you have the car until you take it down in Paradise city.

            There are some things in the game that I thought were annoying. If you fail an event or you are in the middle of one and just want to retry you can’t. You have to drive all the way back to the spot and if you fail the event more than twice it can get pretty annoying. Also it may be just me but as cool as the racing is allowing you to choose your own path of travel I found it really difficult to navigate the map and compass going at such blistering speeds. I many times I accidentally took the wrong turn and lost the race. I often found myself pausing the game and studding the map some I wouldn’t have to do it during game play.

            I didn’t play too much of the multiplayer so I really can’t talk about that. But from what I did play of it I liked. But if I am correct to do an event with other people you have to all meet up in the same spot on the map. I wish you could set up an instant match. I know the developers didn’t want players to have to go to a menu screen but sometimes it’s a real pain getting everyone to a curtain point on the map. Again I didn’t play a lot of the multiplayer so I can’t say too much on it.

            Anyway Burnout Paradise is a fantastic racing game with the most beautiful crashes I have ever seen in a racing. There is a huge city to explore and so many things to do you will be busy for weeks. If you are looking for a unique racing experience that will last a while buy this game.     

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