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Great Arcade Style Racing

I tried the demo for this game months ago when it first released and thought it was so much fun. I thought about buying the game, but did not because I haven't been into a racing game since like GT3. In the back of my mind though I've sorta been wanting to get the game ever since, which is an impressive feat. Every time some update came out I'd hear about it in my podcasts and over ant Kotaku or here on GB. Finally now it's on PSN and for $30 so I broke down and bought it. WOW. I spent all weekend playing this. Its so much fun looking for the gates and billboards to break and trying to chase down cars to unlock them, etc. The online play is so easy to jump into too. I finally dug up my ps eye that i got with eye of judgment and took a pic for my license too haha. I'd recomend this game to anyone that wants something they could jump into any time and play for a few minutes since its very pick up and play. You can get straight to doing fun shit in like no time at all.

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