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Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 Review

Burnout Paradise, the latest iteration in the Burnout series lets players race, crash and generally cause road rage in the fictional streets of Paradise City, but is it any good?

Burnout Paradise has a very simple structure for progress. Race, Win, Progress. This might seem like the game is very boring, it is however quite a fun, thrilling game, that when given the added benefit of Online multiplayer makes for a very fun game indeed.

The way Burnout Paradise stops the user from getting bored quickly is by adding a lot of variation to the races/events, and then by making those events probably the most fun you'll have in a racing game. To give you an example, we have events that have you racing across the city to a pre-determined point while 'blacked-out' cars try to destroy your vehicle, we have events which require you to do a certain amount of damage in a set time and of course we have the Normal Races, and the Timed Runs. All of these add a lot of variety to the Single Player experience.

However, even with the variety given, I did find the game to get boring as I attempted to obtain my last license. I felt that game had gone on far too long and maybe there should have been a few less races.

One thing EA has done very well with Burnout Paradise is implement multiplayer into the game. With a quick tap of the directional-pad you can bring up your friend list and invite them to your game, or join theirs, making getting into a multiplayer game very quick and painless.

Multiplayer in Burnout Paradise is a lot of fun, giving you and 7 friends the opportunity to race, cruise or cause mayhem together in Paradise City. If you get tired of causing chaos, there are set challenges to complete, races to do and Billboards to collect.

One feature that needs its own paragraph, and mention, is Mugshots. What Mugshots does is when you crash into another player online, if they have a Vision Camera, it will take a photo of their reaction to you wrecking their car. It makes the crash even more appealing and amusing than ever.

Visually the game is very appealing, the city has been exquisitely modelled, the cars have been designed and modelled to perfection, with each one reflecting the city perfectly as you race by at 160+mph and all of it in glorious 60fps(frame's per second) with little to no slow down.

The game's audio has been very well done too. The cars sound incredible roaring around the city, while the radio pumps out songs from the likes of Gun's 'n' Roses, and the radio host talks on and on about the drivers in the city. This along with the background noise of all the other motor vehicles, honking their horn at you for cutting them up makes for an immersive experience.

To wrap it up, If your a fan of the Burnout series, your going to love this game regardless of any review. If your new to the series its a brilliant way to get into it, and will leaving you wanting more Burnout. Go buy/rent it

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