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 Blake is the main character in the videogame "The Thing", and is the only person to have survived the campaign from start to finish without being infected. Blake finds a UFO near the original excavation site, and comes across many other military personnel who have encountered one of many forms of The Thing. Earning their trust, keeping them in check, arming them and leading them, Blake forms small squads of survivors, but every men under his command either gets killed or becomes infected and transforms. The game tries to give the player the illusion of having a choice, but all of the AI companions are infected and transformed using scripts, and Blake is condemned by the game designers to be the lone survivor, the last man standing. At the end of the game Blake finds out that he was set up by his superiors, and fights a small army of Black-Ops and eventually kills his commanding officer, Colonel Whitley, who has infected himself and has become a giant monster. Blake also comes across R.J. MacReady, the protagonist from the 80s movie, played by Kurt Russell.

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