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    Card Crawl

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 2015

    Card Crawl is a solitaire-style card game about exploring a deck of dungeon cards.

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    Main menu
    Main menu

    Card Crawl is a mobile, solitaire-style card game by tinytouchgames released in 2015 for iOS and Android. Players explore a deck of dungeon cards representing items (swords, shields, potions), gold, monsters and abilities of various denominations​.


    Playing Tame on a Souleater
    Playing Tame on a Souleater

    The player begins each game with 13 hit points. Four dungeon cards are dealt from the deck at the beginning of the game, and new cards are dealt after three cards are played. A backpack slot allows the player to store an item card for later use without playing it, all four dungeon cards may be redrawn, if unplayed, for an increasing cost of health.

    Monster cards damage player hit points when played. Weapon cards can be used to weaken monsters, while shield cards will absorb damage. Potion cards restore hit points. Coin cards increase the player's gold score, and other item cards may also be sold for gold.

    Ability cards have various powerful effects and interactions, such as increasing or decreasing card values, changing card types or temporarily modifying combat rules.

    A game ends when the player plays all cards in the deck or loses all health to monster cards.


    Card Crawl's Standard game mode uses a fixed deck of cards, with five ability cards selected from all available cards. Players are rewarded gold after each play, with bonus gold added for collecting more than 54 gold.

    Constructed allows the player to select the five ability cards from cards unlocked by gold purchases.

    Delve tracks wins and losses by adding "depth" levels for each win and subtracting them for each loss.

    Daily pre-selects a set of ability cards each day. Players are only allowed one attempt, and gold scores are ranked again other successful players.


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