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    Castle Crashers

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Aug 27, 2008

    Grab three other knights and storm enemy forces in this downloadable beat-em-up with RPG elements, complete with smoothly-drawn graphics.

    metroid545's Castle Crashers (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    The funnest, glitchiest xbox live arcade game I've played

    The one thing that really stood out too me when I was cruisin the marketplace was the fact that it was 4 player coop over a local connection. I don't know about other people but coop makes games 10 times better and a 4 player coop is rare. The game has great, loud, but great music. The artwork is very unique and makes the whole experience less serious, more funny and enjoyable. The level up system is great because allies can't steal your kill because its based off of how many hits you made, not who ever kills it first. The story is great although you neer really know why you are doing except for you just can. The 4 player coop is fun and overall is the best arcade game for multiple people. You can play it by yourself but trust me its difficult and it gets old fast. One thing that really surprised me was the amount of unlockable content thats availale in this game prior to the DLC. How long has it been since there has been a game with like 20 chaacters too unlock? The content plus the levels, coop, and beat em up makes this game an awesome edition to your library and one that eveeryone should try. Now that I taled about the good part let me pass on the bad part. The game has so many glitches! I know that one time i was playing and  was walking through water (which makes you walk slower) when i was attacked and when i stood up the game seemed to swap all the movements in water with the movements on land so i could walk fast on the water but when i walked on land i was splashing all over the place as i sluggishly walked along. This is just one of the many glitches you will find in this game and for some reason most of the glitchs happen in the theives forrest to the catfish boss; after that it gets alot better. Overall the game deserves a 4 1/2 star rank for its great gameplay and fun experience. Also if this game had just like 10 more levels I think it wold have made a great console game.

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       I was a big Alien Homnid fan back in the Gamecube days.  So when I heard about Castle Crashers, I was pretty excited.  I originally played this game last with in a local multiplayer setting.  It's almost a different experience when you're playing with someone else.  You're not concerned about secrets or items or money.. it's just a stupid button masher.  So I was curious what it would be like in a single player setting, and it was very rewarding in some senses.  I liked the amounts of secrets y...

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      I'm crashing after Castle Crashing for so long......crashing 0

      I've never bought an XBLA arcade game until Castle Crashers. To be honest I was never really interested in the Arcade at all until I found my friend slowly becoming a mindless zombie slave to Castle Crashers' rule over his brain. We usually like the same games so I decided I might as well give it a try. Wow, what a well crafted and brilliantly executed game. The Behemoth has produced a simple yet extremely addictive title that should not be missed by anyone who owns a 360. Castle Crashers is a  ...

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